Safety Tips

The CSU Escorts are available to escort you to your vehicle 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Individuals who walk across campus during evening hours are encouraged to use CSU Escorts by calling 216.687.2020 from a cell phone or by calling 2020 from any campus phone when traveling to and from destinations.


  • Always Lock Your Doors
  • Roll Up and Lock Your Windows
  • PUT YOUR JUNK IN YOUR TRUNK -Protect yourself from car break-ins. Get in the habit of putting anything of any value in the trunk of your car. Don’t leave items (even spare change and GPS devices) in plain view.
  • Do not hide a spare key in or on your car - it can be found
  • Be Aware and Report any Suspicious Activity Immediately to Campus Police (216.687.2020)
  • Know where the Blue Light Emergency Phone is located in the area.
  • Report any accidents on campus immediately to Campus Police (216.687.2020) or use the Blue Light Emergency Phones* to report an emergency.
  • Don't Walk Alone At Night - Use the CSU Escorts.

* Blue light emergency phones are strategically placed in or near parking areas. Upon picking up the receiver you will be in immediate contact with a dispatcher at CSU Police Headquarters. Each time an emergency phone is activated, an officer is sent to investigate.