Parking Master Plan

A new Parking & Transportation Master Plan for the CSU downtown campus was started in 2010 and with assistance from Graelic LLC, parking consultants. The main objective of the Master Plan process is to improve the campus parking experience for faculty, staff, students, and visitors by:

  • Providing more options for parkers on campus.
  • Reducing the “search and find” for parking and offering parking assignments.
  • Improving entry access times for parking facilities and eliminating queuing.
  • Promoting the value of a prepaid campus parking option and decreasing locations on campus that accept cash for daily parking.
  • Increasing the revenue stream for the Parking & Transportation Services Department in order to fund operational improvements and amenities.

On April 11th, 2012 a tiered rate, proximity based parking program was approved the CSU Board of Trustees as part of the implementation of the Parking & Transportation Master Plan. Subsequently branded as “CSU Go”, the program emphasizes the choices that CSU Students, Faculty and Staff member have when commuting to campus including;

UPark – where parking is located both on campus and in the neighborhood.

URide – information on the Viking Loop and RTA as a way to expand the options for using more peripheral parking locations on campus and in the neighborhood.

UBike – information on where bike racks are located on campus and bicyclist services around the downtown area.

UVisit – services and support for special events and parking options for non-CSU affiliated visitors.