Parking Advisory Committee

The Parking Advisory Committee makes its recommendations to the Vice President of Finance and Administration and is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Develop and review long-range plans for parking at the University.
  • Recommend strategies to ensure parking accessibility to campus buildings and facilities.
  • Recommend parking rates as necessary to support required parking capability.
  • Assist in publicizing parking issues and developments within the University community.
  • Review Parking Rules and recommends changes for consideration and approval by President.
  • Review Parking & Transportation Services’ annual goals and objectives.

The committee also provides assistance and relevant input to Parking & Transportation Services for the following:

  • Budget review and recommendations relative to appropriate fees for parking and enforcement.
  • Development of procedures that ensure the orderly flow of vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic at the University, while minimizing conditions which unnecessarily impede traffic on campus.
  • Development and maintenance of parking facilities.
  • Support of the Parking and Traffic Review Board that reviews and acts upon appeals of parking citations from students, faculty, staff and visitors.

The committee membership is comprised of:

  • Two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • One Undergraduate student appointed by Student Government Association
  • One Graduate student appointed by Dean of Graduate Studies
  • One Law student appointed by Student Bar Association
  • One student appointed by Campus Support Services
  • One representative of bargaining unit employees, who is not a faculty member, appointed by Union Council
  • One representative from Management Administrative Staff Association
  • Director of Conference Services or a designee
  • Police Commander or a designee
  • Director of Parking & Transportation Services (ex-officio)
  • Assistant Vice President for Campus Support Services or designee – Chair

Parking Advisory Committee meeting minutes 5-6-2010

Parking Advisory Committee meeting minutes 10-7-2010

Parking Advisory Committee meeting minutes Fall 2011

Parking Advisory Committee Emergency meeting 02-13-2012

Parking Advisory Committee meeting minutes March 20, 2013

Parking Advisory Committee meeting minutes Nov. 17, 2014