EFFECTIVE: 8/1/2021



What if I receive a parking ticket/citation?

Parking illegally may result in parking citations and/or towing/immobilization of your vehicle, and loss of your parking privileges on campus. If you receive a citation please follow the instructions on the back of the citation. Citations can be paid or appealed via CSU GO Online. To see a list of citation types and associated fines, click HERE.

If I decide to appeal the citation, what do I do?

Click HERE to access the Appeals page.

The meter or PayStation where I am parked is not working. What should I do?

Parking at a meter that is not working and does not register payment may result in a parking citation. Malfunctioning meters or problems with the PayStation should be reported immediately to Parking & Transportation Services (216-687-2023). Please relay the location in your communication. If the offices are closed (after 4:30 p.m. M-F), you can email the meter or PayStation information to: or leave a voicemail message.

I am getting a new car. What information do you need?

Click HERE for the Vehicle Registration page.

I forgot my Viking Card, what can I do?

Permit access to gated facilities requires a Viking Card. If you are in the garage ready to leave and forgot or lost your Viking Card, please return to get your card or visit the Viking Card Office to get a new Viking Card. If you don’t have your Viking Card then you will not be able to enter the gated facilities. If you choose not to replace a lost card or not return to get your Viking Card, you will need to press the lost ticket button for a $20.00 fee.

I share a parking permit with my spouse/sibling/partner. Can we have two Viking Cards activated for the gated garages?

CSU Parking Policy states that only one Viking Card will be activated for garage access per permit. This policy will not change with virtual permits. Misuse of Viking Cards may result in a citation. The person who purchased the permit will have rights to the garages via their Viking Card.

What should I do if the gates are up when I am entering or exiting the garage?

You should always scan your Viking Card when you are entering and exiting the garages. By not scanning the Viking Card, on entry or exit, your ability to enter or exit the garage on your next attempt will be affected.

Will I be restricted from accessing the gated garages at certain times?

Automated garage access via your Viking Card will be available based on your permit type. Green and White permits are valid from 5:00am – 11:59pm in designated garages. Evening (valid 3:30pm- 11:59pm) and Night (valid 5:30pm-11:59pm) permits will have Viking Card access based upon their permit time allowance. Permit holders that have purchased overnight parking will have 24/7 garage access via their Viking Cards.

I’m disabled and concerned about how these changes may affect me.

CSU Parking Services has implemented proximity technology for the card readers, which are placed at the window level. If you have concerns or need special accommodations, please reach out to Parking Services or Disability Services for more information.

If the garage has reached capacity, will my Viking Card still allow me to enter and check for a space?

No, the system is designed to restrict access when the spaces allocated for permits have reached capacity. Please note that sometimes the garage may have spaces reserved for guests or events and therefore those spaces will be unavailable to permit holders.

What do I do if my car won't start?

If your vehicle or a visitor's vehicle becomes disabled while parked on campus, call the CSU Police at 216-687-2020 or x2020 from any campus phone.



What are my parking permit payment options?

Click for HERE for the Faculty/Staff page.

I'm a graduate assistant or teaching fellow. Do I qualify for a Faculty/Staff permit and payroll deduction?

No. Graduate assistants and teaching fellows are student appointments. You must order your student parking permit online and pay with a debit/credit card or charge the parking hangtag to your student account.

I was on medical leave/sabbatical for the last few months and I didn't know I had to return my permit; can I now get a refund?

No. If you leave the University for any reason, it is your responsibility to submit a permit return form to Parking & Transportation Services. A permit will be charged until we receive the return request. When a person has an active hangtag on payroll deduction and the amount is not applied to a paycheck the amount accumulates in arrears until another paycheck is issued. The total amount outstanding will then be taken on your next paycheck.

I am leaving the University, is my permit automatically canceled when I leave?

No. Your permit is not canceled until a permit return form has been completed and has been deactivated in our system. Once we receive your return request, your PRD will be stopped and a credit will be issued to you, if applicable.

If I need a permit beginning on the 12th of the month do I have to pay for the whole month?

No. Your permit is prorated on a weekly/daily basis. If you purchase a permit in the middle of the month, you will pay for the remaining weeks/days of that month.

I don't have my CSU ID number yet. Can I sign up for payroll deduction (PRD)?

Anyone who does not have a CSU ID is not able to select PRD.

I'm going to retire soon. How do I get my Emeritus/Associate permit?

Click HERE for Emeritus & Associate information

I am part-time (PT) faculty or a temporary employee. Do I qualify for payroll deduction (PRD)?

Yes. Any employee receiving a paycheck are eligible for PRD as a payment option and may also purchase a parking permit with a credit/debit card (Visa, MC or Discover).

I’m an adjunct/part-time faculty member. I cannot get a Viking Card until my contract is signed. How can I access the gated garages?

Unfortunately, without a signed contract you will not be in PeopleSoft which feeds the parking system. You will not be able to use a gated facility. If you purchase a parking permit, you will be able to use non-gated facilities based on your permit type, until you are in PeopleSoft. Semester based Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty that do not have a signed contract should bring a letter of intent, on the departmental letterhead, signed by their Chair/Dean to the Parking Department office to purchase a permit.

Other things to consider:

• Passback: Passback is a security feature that prevents a parking patron from abusing their privileges. The passback feature only allows one exit for every one entry. This means that if you allow someone else to use your Viking Card to access the garage, then your Viking Card will not work when you try to enter or exit the facility. Passback violators will not be allowed out of the garage and will be required to pay the lost ticket fee ($20.00). If the gates are up when you come or go, stop and scan your Viking Card to make sure that you stay in sync.
• Permit Locations: The permit locations will not change. Green permits will still be valid to park in the core of campus and White permits will be valid for the perimeter lots. Please note that the South Garage accepts both green and white permits (Viking Card required).
UPDATED: 6/6/21