Division of Continuing and Extended Education

Division of Continuing and Extended Education

  • Division of Continuing and Extended Education

Whether you're embarking on a new professional journey, advancing in your current career, acquiring a new skill, or exploring personal interests, what unites us at Cleveland State University's Division of Continuing and Extended Education (DCEE) is an unwavering commitment to continuous growth and improvement. Learning is not taken for granted; it is embraced with passion.

Lifelong learning transcends mere knowledge acquisition; it involves actively seeking opportunities that challenge and refine our abilities. These opportunities serve as catalysts, motivating us to establish and achieve new goals through micro-credentials paving the way to a degree, professional licensing retention CEUs, workforce development certifications, or other forms of accomplishment.

Whatever your learning objectives, you will find a community of educators, administrators, and fellow learners who share your enthusiasm and are dedicated to supporting you in achieving your aspirations. At Cleveland State University's DCEE, we believe in the transformative power of education with the mantra, "Change yourself. Change the world."


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Corporate and Contract Training at Cleveland State University

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to professional development. Our expert team collaborates with your organization to create tailor-made training programs that align seamlessly with your business objectives. Whether it's upskilling your workforce, fostering leadership development, or addressing specific industry challenges, our customized approach ensures that the content is relevant and engaging. Invest in your team's success by choosing a corporate training solution that is as unique as your business. Let us design a program that empowers your employees and drives your organization to new heights.

University Partnership Inquiries and Workforce Development
Nancy Pratt, Ph.D., Executive Director 
216.875.9710 | n.pratt@csuohio.edu
Division of Continuing and Extended Education

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Beth E. Mooney Center for Transformative Leadership
Shilpa Kedar, Executive Director
Co-Executive Director, IoT Collaborative
216. 687.9310 | s.kedar@csuohio.edu

Center for Public and Nonprofit Management
Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs
Levin College of Public Affairs and College of Education
Rob Ziol, MPA, Director
216.687.3509 | r.ziol@csuohio.edu

Centers for Outreach and Engagement
Monte Ahuja College of Business
Colette Hart, Senior Director
216.687.4750 | c.hart@csuohio.edu

Diversity Institute
Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs
Levin College of Public Affairs and Education
Ronnie Dunn, Ph.D., Executive Director
216.523.7292 | r.dunn@csuohio.edu

Emergency Preparedness Center
Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs
Levin College of Public Affairs and Education
Bernie Becker, Ph.D., Director
216.875.9860 | b.becker64@csuohio.edu

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