Department Reservations and Scheduled Events

Departmental Reservations

Departmental reservations can be made by departments to allow parking by visitors in various parking locations on campus on a space available basis.

Pricing for guests of campus departments and special events that are designated as “Partnership” events by Conference Services will be charged the daily CSU Rate for each vehicle.

(In 2014-15 the CSU Daily Rate is $8 for designated Green Hangtag areas and $6 for designated White hangtag areas)

Pricing for guests at events that are designated “External” by Conference Services will be charged the daily Visitor rate for each vehicle.

(In 2014-15 the CSU Visitor Rate is $10).

Special events that require additional attendants in order to honor reserved space requests will be charged for the additional staffing at a rate of $10 per hour with a minimum of four (4) hours.

Reservation requests for special event parking (Partnership AND Visitor parking) that request spaces in Lot 22, PG or SG will be charged the hourly rate for those facilities for the length of time that the spaces are reserved with the maximum $10 per day. Charges will also be assessed for attendants required to honor reservations in those facilities at the rate of $10 per hour with a minimum of four (4) hours.

Scratch Off Hangtags

An alternative to reserved special event parking is the single-use, one day Scratch Off parking hangtag. Scratch offs are priced at the daily CSU Rate for each tag and may be purchased from the Parking & Transportation Services office (EC160). Scratch Off tags are considered prepaid and valid in designated Green hangtag locations or designated White hangtag locations with the exception of the South Garage and Prospect Garage. Scratch offs are NOT valid for parking at meters or in Lot 22 or RG.

Reservation Procedures

  1. Requests forms for department reservations or special events must be submitted via email to Parking & Transportation Services no less than three (3) business days prior to the date needed. The forms are available to download Parking Reservation Request Form. Departmental representatives should expect an acknowledgement of receipt via telephone or email.
  2. Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to decline any reservation or special event request if it is for a class day. Mondays and Wednesdays are very heavy demand days. In such cases, campus event hosts will be instructed as to where they may direct their guests to park.
  3. All reservations request forms must include a CSU account number. All charges will be charged to the department’s account number at the end of each month.
  4. The Parking & Transportation Services staff is ready to assist you - Contact us at 216.687.2023 for more information