Division of University Engagement

Division of University Engagement

“If students are to embark upon a lifetime of success, they must be actively engaged citizens in democratic life; they must be prepared to contribute to and benefit from an evolving, knowledge-based workforce; and they must effectively navigate an increasingly diverse, urban, global society.” - Byron P. White, Ed.D., Vice President for University Engagement and Chief Diversity Officer

The Division of University Engagement oversees three distinct yet interdependent outreach functions at Cleveland State University that equip students for these public roles: civic engagement, workplace engagement and inclusion and multicultural engagement. All three areas reinforce CSU's unique contribution to Greater Cleveland – its civic well-being, economic vitality and diverse culture – and are central to the University's commitment to develop students through "Engaged Learning."

Civic engagement involves the various partnerships that students, faculty, staff and administrators have with organizations and institutions throughout the region that are mutually beneficial to student learning, academic scholarship and community well-being.

Workplace engagement includes the reciprocal relationship between the University's students, faculty and employers from the private, non-profit and public sectors that ensure students' successful careers and the region's economic stability. This includes internships, cooperative learning arrangements and other types of experiential learning.

Inclusion and multicultural engagement encompasses CSU's commitment to advancing diversity and equity in all its affairs, providing opportunities for all students to be successful and celebrating the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the campus community.

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