Disability Services

Campus Resources and Additional Information

The following is a list of resources that Disability Services wants all students who work with our office to be aware of. Many of our students benefit from the services listed below.

Office of Institutional Equity - The Office for Institutional Equity (OIE) is responsible for the prompt investigation and resolution of all complaints of disability discrimination and harassment, as well as other types of discrimination and harassment. Generally, individuals who need an accommodation or have a disability-related concern should contact ODS first, before OIE. Students contact OIE if they want to file a complaint because either their accommodations were not provided, they want to dispute an accommodation determination of ODS, or if a professor or staff member discriminates against them based on their disability.

Confidentiality - Information submitted to the Office of Disability Services is protected by FERPA but is not part of a student’s educational record. This page explains how Disability Services protects your disability related information.

Manditory Reporting for Sexual Violence and Harrassment - Staff in Disability and Testing Services are required to report to the Title IX Coordinator any instance of sexual violence or harrassment reported to them. This linke gives information about reporting processes and resources for victims of sexual violence.

Quick Directions for requesting Accommodations - This sheet has simplified directions for how to access our online system to request your accommodations. The process detailed in this handout will start the process of generating the Faculty Notification Letter sent to your professors. You can find more detailed information and a video on our Accommodations Request & Notifications page.

Testing Services - Our students who take exams with accommodations generally use Testing Services to take their exams which has the facilities to provide their approved accommodations. Exams must be scheduled at least two days in advance of the exam. It is easier for students at the beginning of each semester to take their syllabi to Testing Services to schedule exams for the entire semester. Students who are in Cleveland Marshall Law School or are taking classes at the Lorain or Lakeland campuses will need to contact the designated person specified in their Faculty Notification Letter for scheduling exams.

Differences between High School and College - This table details the differences in what to expect and what is required of students that differs from the K-12 experience and your experience in College.

Tutoring at CSU - This page explains many resources that students can reach out to for Tutoring and Success coaching including the Tutoring and Academic Success Center and tutoring offered by different academic departments.

Counseling Center - The Counseling Center at CSU provides a wide range of services to students, faculty, and staff. They offer academic, career, and personal counseling, consultation and outreach programming, training, group facilitation, and other services aimed at helping individuals and groups who are members of the campus community meet their respective personal and professional goals. The also offer walk-in appointments for students in crisis. Visit their website linked above for more information.

The Writing Center - Students who need assistance with writing can visit the CSU Writing Center in RT124 of the Main Library. They offer assistance with editing your papers and with citation formats required when writing papers in higher education.

Health and Wellness Services - CSU Health & Wellness Services (located in IM205) is a high quality medical facility committed to serving the medical needs of the CSU community. Staffed by certified nurse practitioners and doctors, it offers a wide variety of services including primary and same day care, health counseling, limited inhouse pharmacy and lab services, shots and immunizations, and more.