Disability Services

Digitizing or Copying your Notes

There are many ways that you can digitize pages of notes to submit them to our online system. We need a decent scan of the notes where the page is not skewed and the print on the page is dark enough to see well. For scans we recommend scanning the document at 300 dpi resolution and saving it as a PDF.

IS&T Computer Lab Scanners

There are document scanners in all general purpose IS&T computer labs that you can use to quickly scan the notes. Please save the document as a PDF to upload it to the Disability Services Online AIM System.

Office Lens

This is a Microsoft application you can install on your smartphones or tablets to digitize documents with the camera on the back of the device. It is a quick and easy way to digitize paper copies of documents.

When you scan documents with Office Lens you need to do the following:

  • Choose Document Mode
  • Crop and Rotate the images
  • Make sure that the writing is dark enough to be legible
  • Capture all pages of notes for one class session
  • Save all of the pages to a PDF

Office Xerox machines

The Xerox copiers available around the campus can be used to scan documents and send them as a PDF to yourself as an e-mail.

To use a Xerox copier for sending notes:

  1. If your notes are in a spiral bound notebook, it will be easiest to use the flatbed scanner and make copies of each page. Make sure the copies are clear and that nothing is cut off. Put the copies in the feed tray of the copier.
  2. If your notes are on loose leaf paper, put them in the feed tray of the copier.
  3. Select “Email”, and then “New recipient” in the menu of the Xerox machine.
  4. Type in your email address when prompted, then press the Add button.
  5. Press the Start button. The pages will be scanned and emailed to you.
  6. Review the scanned pages to ensure that they are clear and complete.
  7. Either upload them to the Disability Services Online System or forward them to ODS@csuohio.edu, with the class name, class number, professor, and date (ie: BIO 101 Sec 2 Frankenstein 7/26/18 notes)

Carbonless Paper

We have a supply of carbonless paper at Disability Services in MC147 that students sharing notes can use. This allows a student to write notes on the top sheet and tear off the bottom sheet to either give it directly to the student after class or to turn it in to Disability Services. To get carbonless paper for sharing notes, stop into our office in Rhodes West 210 and ask for carbonless paper at the reception desk.