Disability Services

Distribution of Alternative Media

Starting Spring 2023 the methods available for Disability & Testing Services to distribute files to fill accessible media requests is through OneDrive or Blackboard. Students must choose which services they want us to use to share files with them. We will only send files to you through one of the distribution methods. There are some instructions and some benefits for the distribution channel for each below.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is linked to your CSU e-mail account. This is a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. For students who have been receiving files through Dropbox in the past it will work like what you are used to. Benefits to using this service are access to an easy to use application that will allow you to access files through your desktop operating system, via a browser, or through a mobile app. There is a Shared section of the service through browser and mobile apps that will make it easy to distinguish the files we share with your personal files. You can view the Microsoft OneDrive Support pages for instructions on how to use OneDrive.

Aside from the single sign on and ease of use, using OneDrive also provides easy access to read files with OrbitNote from TextHelp. This web extension can open and read shared accessible documents directly in your browser with minimal setup and effort. You can also download the files to use other reading applications like the desktop version of Read&Write.

Blackboard Disability Services Site

We have developed a Blackboard site for distributing accessible media. The navigation is simple to find and access content. Books will be shared in Learning Modules or Content Areas in the Book Library module for the Blackboard Disability Services Site. From these pages, students can open or download the documents. Students will only see book or other content that is relevant to the current term.

There are also a variety of support articles and tutorials in the Blackboard site for students to learn more about the reading applications. With files distributed in Blackboard, students have access to use the ReadSpeaker apps and the Blackboard Ally Alternative Format tools to be able to produce other formats from the files that we share with them. Students can convert documents to formats that work better on their favorite devices and reading apps. Students can use ReadSpeaker to open and read documents in the browser without installing any software natively on the workstations they are on.

Choosing Distribution Channels

Students need to notify us of which method they wish for us to use to share alternative media files. If students do not let us know which format they wish to use, we will share files via OneDrive. Students will have access to the basic information through both OneDrive and the Blackboard Disability Services Site. This includes sample documents to access for testing and information about the reading applications that students can use with each platform. When students are approved for Alternative Media as an Accommodation, they will be granted access to these for trial of the options.

Access to Files and Folders

When we share a folder in OneDrive or content area in Blackboard, students will have access to that shared material until either the end of the current term or until that date that is set for the accommodation to expire if sooner. When a student’s access expires, they will no longer be able to access that shared content. If students wish to keep the shared content, they will need to save a copy of it to their computer or copy it to their OneDrive storage. Disability & Testing Services is not responsible for providing access to files for students if they are no longer enrolled in the courses where that material is required.

Access will only be extended past the term it was requested in if the student has an incomplete or if the student is using the same book in a future term. Students need to notify the Alternative Media Specialist when this happens. Access may be revoked if the student withdraws or drops a course. Access may also be revoked if the student is determined to no longer be eligible to receive the accommodation.

If students need Assistance

If you experience difficulties and need assistance with our distribution platforms, please contact Jeffrey Dell at j.dell@csuohio.edu or Bill Milhoan at g.milhoan@csuohio.edu. Students can also call 216-687-2015 or stop into RW 210 for assistance.