Disability Services

Assistive Technology

Cleveland State University has a wide variety of assistive technology for use by our students in classrooms, testing rooms, computer labs, and just about anywhere else on campus. We make these products available to our students because this technology enables students with disabilities to work independently and complete work that is comparable to their peers.


The office of Disability Services manages the Assistive technology Learning Center that is only available for students with disabilities or students studying assistive technology. This location, in RT103 of the Michael Schwartz Library, allows us to offer an excellent facility to our students that need access to assistive technology. Students can access this space any hours the library is open.

Assistive Technology Software

There are many applications licensed by Cleveland State that help promote access to campus course materials and activities. Applications like Read&Write, ZoomText, JAWS, ReadSpeaker, and Dragon are also available for home installations for our students.


Disability Services also has hardware tools that can be used in classrooms, study areas, and in some cases at home. This equipment includes video magnifiers, a Braille display, Personal FM Systems, and other auxiliary aids.


The Office of Disability Services maintains Assistive Technology in its testing rooms. We have several computers in Testing Services with JAWS, ZoomText, Read&Write, and Dragon. We also have adjustable desks and Video Magnifiers in our testing suites.


ZoomText, JAWS, and Read&Write are installed on workstations in IS&T and Library Computer Labs. ZoomText is setup to provide login support on the computers running these programs. Below is a list of Labs where the software is installed.

The Library has ZoomText, JAWS, and Read and Write Gold installed on all the PCs in the 1st Floor Learning Commons (Reference) area, LCLC Labs, and RT 302 Writer's Lab (note the RT 302 Writer's Lab is only used for classes). They are also installed on specially marked laptops in the RT 401 and RT 502 labs (also used only for classes). ZoomText and JAWS are installed in the new RT 403 Math Lab and RT 230 Math Emporium.

In IS&T's general-purpose labs, JAWS, ZoomText, and Read&Write are installed on the workstations running Windows.

IS&T Lab locations:

  • BU23
  • FT103
  • MC120
  • SH128
  • UR39
  • UR40

If you have any questions about assistive technology on campus, please contact the Assistant Director for AT and Access in ODS at (216) 687-2015 or e-mail j.dell@csuohio.edu.