Disability Services

Registering with Disability Services

Before students are able to register with our office they must first be admitted to Cleveland State. The Basic process for registering with the Office of Disability Services is as follows:

Step 1: Apply for Services

  • Login with your CampusNet CSUID and password to Disability Services Online Application
  • Complete the application using an e-mail which you check regularly
  • Please choose disabilities which you have documentation to verify. The disability that has the greatest impact being your primary disability and any others being secondary

Step 2: Submit proper Documentation

  • Upload documentation of your disability to the Disability Services online system or submit it by any of the methods listed below
  • The online form can accept as many documents as you need to upload so long as no file is larger than 3 megabytes.
  • You can learn more about what documentation we will accept at Documentation Guidelines
  • Have your documentation ready before submitting the online application.

Step 3: Come in for Intake Appointment

  • When a staff member reviews your application and documentation they will contact you to schedule an appointment.
  • You are not registered with our office until the Intake Appointment is complete

The Disability Services Online Application

View Registering with Disability Services on YouTube

Current students who wish to register with the Office of Disability Services must submit their application for services through the Disability Services Online Application. When your application is reviewed you will be contacted by our office to either request more information or to schedule an Intake Appointment. Your application for services is not complete until you have completed your Intake Appointment.

It is important that the student themselves fill out the online application. The student will be responsible for the answers to the questions in this application. It is permissible for a parent or advocate to help with submitting the application, however the student must be the person requesting services.

It is important that you use an e-mail which you frequently check when filling out the application. We will communicate with you to verify that we have received your application and send you links for completing the documentation submission if you do not complete that step when you submit your initial online application.

Documentation of your Disability

We cannot make any determinations about your request for accommodations until we receive documentation of your disability from a qualified Professional. You can learn more about what documentation we will accept at Documentation Guidelines. It is recommended that you have your documentation ready before submitting your online application.

We prefer that students submit documentation of their disability through the online application. After completing the online application you are sent to a page where you can upload your documentation. A link to this page is also sent with your application confirmation. You can submit as many files as you need to as long as the files do not exceed 3 megabytes per file. You can submit PDF, TIF, and JPEG.

Documentation can also be submitted by dropping off documents in our office in Rhodes Tower West 210, by FAX to 216-687-2343, or by e-mail to ods@csuohio.edu. Documentation can also be mailed to our office at:

Office of Disability Services
Rhodes Tower West 210
1899 E. 22nd Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

Please note that mailing documentation to our office may take more time than the other options listed.

Intake Appointment

After your application and documentation has been accepted we will schedule you for an intake appointment. Intake interviews take approximately 1 hour. You will sit down with a Disability Specialist and discuss:

  • Accommodations that you are eligible to receive based on your provided documentation
  • Your program of study and what to expect while navigating your educational experience
  • How to talk about your accommodations with your professors
  • Other services to explore which may be very beneficial to you
  • An introduction to the Disability Services online system for requesting accommodations.

During the Intake appointment the Disability Specialist will possibly refer you to other services like the

  • Counseling Center
  • Tutoring and Academic Success Center
  • Alternative Media Specialist
  • Assistive Technology Specialist.

After the intake appointment students can usually start requesting their accommodations. You will receive an e-mail detailing your eligible accommodations and information about other campus resources that can be useful for you. You can visit the Our Students page or our student handbook to find information about requesting your accommodations.