Disability Services

Alternative Text Requests

The Office of Disability Services accepts requests for alternative text from eligible students. Not all students registered with our office are eligible for Alternative Text. Please consult one of our Disability Specialists to see if it is an approved accommodation. All students receiving Alternative Media must aacknowledge the Alternative Media Agreement eForm in the Disability Services Online System. To learn more about Alternative Media at ODS, please consult our Alternative Media Policies and Procedures Handbook.

In order to receive and alternative format for a textbook or other course content you need to Request your Alternative Textbooks in the Disability Services Online System. Requests are filled on a first come first serve basis. If we are scanning a textbook we do not provide the entire book at once. We request that, if we are scanning a book for you, that you provide a copy of your syllabus. This is so we can have the content that you need ready for when you need it. Since we have many requests to fill we ask that you submit your request as early as you possibly can.

Most textbooks can be ordered from the publisher either in a Word, PDF, HTML, Or DAISY format. We can order these for students but the student has to produce a copy of the book and a receipt for that book verifying purchase. Most publishers will not fill a request without proof of purchase. These requests take 1 to 3 weeks to fill. You will want to put in requests for the publisher as early as you can. Publishers do not fill all requests. The requests that they fill will be sent to our office in either a CD by snail mail or in an e-mail link for download.

We can distribute the Alternative Text to you in a couple different ways. You can come in to get your textbooks loaded onto a flash drive in our office in Rhodes Tower West 210. We can also upload and share them through DropBox. These downloads can be large depending on the format. So if you do not have a broadband internet connection at home you should opt for the flash drive.

We contact you Through Your vikes.csuohio.edu E-Mail

All information regarding your Alternative Media materials will be sent to your Cleveland State University email account. It is imperative that you check this account on a regular basis. If you prefer to use another email system or client please forward your CSU email to your alternate account. If you are unfamiliar with the forwarding process please consult the step by step Forward E-mail Instructions from the University’s IS&T department.