Disability Services

Alternative Media for Text Materials

The Office of Disability Services accepts requests for accessible versions of print materials from eligible students. Not all students registered with our office are eligible for Alternative Media accessible text. Please consult one of our Disability Specialists to see if it can be an approved accommodation. All students receiving Alternative Media must aacknowledge the Alternative Media Agreement eForm in the Disability Services Online System.

In order to receive and alternative format for a textbook or other course content you need to Request your Alternative Textbooks in the Disability Services Online System.

Requests are filled on a first come first serve basis. If we are scanning a textbook we do not provide the entire book at once. We request that, if we are scanning a book for you, that you provide a copy of your syllabus. This is so we can have the content that you need ready for when you need it. Since we have many requests to fill we ask that you submit your request as early as you possibly can.

Most textbooks can be ordered from the publisher in an electronic format. We can order these for students but the student has to produce a copy of the book and a receipt for that book verifying purchase. Most publishers will not fill a request without proof of purchase. These requests take 1 to 3 weeks to fill. You will want to put in requests for the publisher as early as you can. Publishers do not fill all requests. When we get these files for your request we will remediate the files to add the accessible elements that are need to meet your access needs. If publishers do not provide the electronic files we will need to digitize your copy of the textbook. You will need to turn it in to us for this upon our request.

If you have any questions or need assistance with Alternative Media please reach out to Bill Milhoan at g.milhoan@csuohio.edu or alttext@csuohio.edu. You can also call 216-687-2015 or stop into RW 210.

Distribution of Alt Media Files

Starting in Spring 2023, we will be switching our distribution methods to either Microsoft OneDrive or our Blackboard Site. We will no longer be using Dropbox for file distribution. Students will need to copy any files off of their Dropbox shared folders that they wishh to keep. We will be deleting those shares and disabling the account at the end of 2022. Please visit our Alt Media Distribution page for more information about the new options.