Disability Services

Accessibility of Lectures Recorded or Streamed

Providing lectures either recorded or live streaming are great for many students. They can also be great for students with disabilities so long as we provide elements which they need for them to access the content.

ASL and Closed Captioning

For students who require accommodations for courses such as ASL interpreters, CART, or closed captioning we need to make sure that that information is also available for them during the delivery of that content outside of the classroom as well. For live streamed formats like Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom, or teleconferencing we will need to provide access to the ASL interpreter or a real-time captioning. If there is prerecorded content on Panopto, YouTube, or recorded via LiveScribe pens we would need to provide closed captioning to make the content accessible.

For online videos used for classes please follow directions found at https://www.csuohio.edu/disability/cc


If you are prerecording lectures in Panopto you will need to contact Bill Milhoan to request the Closed Captions for the content. We typically need 5-7 business days for these requests. Panopto is CSU's preferred method for capturing lectures because of its integration with Blackboard and functionality for our students.



YouTube has some great resources for supplementary educational materials. It also has many videos that have closed captioning. If you click on the settings icon in the Language submenu you can see English or English Auto. English means it was an edited transcript and it includes Auto it was done by automatic speech recognition. Those auto generated caption files are not sufficient for our students in most cases and they will need to be sent for captioning. Please choose videos with an edited English caption but if you cannot please send the link and the date it is to be used by to Bill Milhoan to submit it to our captioning service. You will receive in return a link to where the video will be displayed with the closed caption which you can use in place of the link to YouTube. If you are the owner of the YouTube video we are also able to give you an SRT file which you can upload to YouTube for appropriate captions for your educational content.

Blackboard Collaborate

If you are doing live presentations via Blackboard Collaborate you will need to invite the transcriptionist or the ASL interpreter to the Collaborate session. They will need to be granted appropriate privileges to stream video of the interpreting or insert the caption into the live Collaborate session.

From prior experience using Collaborate for ASL, it is often more effective for the Interpreter to access the class to be able to translate the lecture through an external connection with the student via Zoom. Students receiving ASL interpreting are unable to adequately control the video sources they are viewing in Collaborate and have difficulty keeping the interpreter visible in the Collaborate Classroom.


If you are using the Zoom meetings platform for delivering lectures and students need either ASL or CART the interpreter or transcriber will need to be invited to the session to provide the service. If you use Breakout sessions in your Zoom classes remember to assign the interpreters and transcriptionist for the student to the breakout room the student is assigned to.

Students using interpreters are able to receive the video through Zoom and in Gallery view they can right click a video source and choose to pin it to their view. This enables them to keep the interpreters visible at all times. Depending on how busy the class is the student receiving the services may wish to use another Zoom session to receive the interpreting.


If using a telephone based system for providing your lectures we will need to give the interpreters access to the teleconference. That way they can listen to the lecture and via an additional connection provide the transcript or interpreting. If you are offering classes in this manner and have students who need ASL, CART, or CC please contact Jeff Dell at j.dell@csuohio.edu.

If you have any questions about how to implement the above accommodations when a student uses ASL or CART please reach out to Jeff Dell at 216-875-9938 or to j.dell@csuohio.edu.