Testing Services

Accommodated Testing

Taking Classroom Exams in Testing Services; Instructions for STUDENTS:

  • Check the Fall 2020 Student Info Guide for updates to rules involving Testing Services
  • Request your accommodations in the Disability Services Online System and talk with each of your professors about how your testing accommodations will be facilitated.
  • If you choose to have your exams proctored in Testing Services, you must first notify your professors.
  • Submit a request for taking your exam with Testing Services by either completing the Test Reservation Form or contact Testing Services testingservices@csuohio.edu 216-687-2272 with your CSU ID, dates and times for exams, and your syllabus for each course.
  • Be aware that you must schedule all tests at least three (3) business days in advance, either at Test Reservation Form, testingservices@csuohio.edu, or by telephone:  216-687-2272.
  • You are required to take your test at the same time as the rest of the class If there is a scheduling conflict, your professor will need to give us permission for you to take your exam at a different time.
  • On the scheduled day and time, arrive in Testing Services for your test. Bring a valid photo ID with you..
  • Please be on time.  If you are more than thirty minutes late, you will not be able to test. You will then need to seek permission from your professor to reschedule.

Taking Classroom Exams in Testing Services; Instructions for FACULTY:

  • During the pandemic, Testing Services is not accepting walk-ins for dropping off exam materials. Please submit them through e-mail with an Exam Cover Sheet to testingservices@csuohio.edu or by the Exam Submission Form.
  • Please view the Fall 2020 Faculty Information guide for additional information about how Testing Services is operating during the pandemic
  • When a student presents an accommodation memo, please be sure that the student is aware of all test dates for the semester.
  • Students will schedule their tests directly with Testing Services.
  • Testing Services will send faculty an e-mail to request the testing materials for scheduled exams to notify you which courses, students, and days/times the students are scheduled for.
  • Tests should be taken on the same day and time as the rest of the class. There may be exceptions if the student is permitted a make-up exam as part of an attendance accommodation, if Testing Services does not have a seat for them due to reduced capacity from social distancing, or if there is a scheduling conflict that would interfere with a student having their approved extended time on an exam. You will be notified in these cases.
  • Wen sending Testing Services an exam you must provide Testing Services with an exam cover sheet or complete the Exam Submission Form for every exam.
  • Tests must be received at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled test time.
  • Completed tests will be returned to faculty either by e-mail or an appointment must be scheduled to picked up tests in Testing Services to guarantee safety. While operating under pandemic restrictions there are no walk-ins at Testing Services. A photo ID is required from anyone picking up a completed exam.
  • Hand-delivery of completed exams is not offered.