Disability Services

Visitors to Cleveland State

Visitors to the CSU campus will find it largely accessible. Parking for persons with disabilities is available in most lots and near each building. Since the Cleveland State University campus is always expanding and improving you will want to keep up with the following information:

Campus Maps

We have an accessible online map which give information about building features and accessible routes. People can also use the printable PDF Campus Map. The campus map is updated as permanent changes occur on campus.


Ample accessible parking is available on campus. For more information regarding Parking for Persons with Disabilities, refer to the Parking Services website.

Students, employees, and visitors will need to display valid Disability Parking Placards from the State of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to use handicapped parking spots in campus lots. The application for temporary and long-term disabled parking placards can be found on that website at http://bmv.ohio.gov. Students, employees, and visitors are still expected to pay the appropriate CSU parking fees. Please see the Ohio BMV website for regulations regarding temporary disabled parking privileges.

Aira Access

Cleveland State is an Aira Access partner. Any visitor requiring visual assistance at the CSU Main Campus can contact Aira through the mobile app to receive assistance free of charge.

RTA Paratransit

To get RTA Paratransit to drop visitors off at their building of choice they will need the specific Building Address. When RTA schedulers are told Cleveland State as a destination, the default drop off is at the Main Classroom building (1899 E. 22nd St.) near the corner of 22nd and Chester. Since CSU is a large campus this might not be anywhere near where visitors need to go. Please visit the Building Address page to find the correct information to give RTA. For instance, Disability Services is in RW 210. The building address is 2124 Chester Avenue.

RTA Links

Campus Inner Link

>The Inner Link, also known as the Interior Connector, connects many buildings on campus by a second-floor corridor, making travel during the winter and inclement weather easier for all. The linking corridors are marked with lime green (some yellow) dots along the baseboard. There is an Inner Link route that stretches from the Urban Affairs building at East 17th Street to the CSU Rec Center at East 24th street that is completely indoors.


Accessible routes are available but may change in areas of construction. Check the University Architect webpages for updates involving construction on campus.

Campus Events

Visitors with disabilities who are coming for campus events should contact the event sponsor (person, department, or organization) that is hosting the event to request accommodations. The ODS can assist with these requests when necessary. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is necessary for most accommodations; sign language interpreters and alternate text requests should be made four weeks in advance.

Campus Safety Escorts

The Campus Safety Escorts are made available, by the Campus Police department, to escort a person from the parking lot to the buildings or from any location on campus to their destination. If you are new to campus and cannot find the location you need, call (216) 687-2020 to set up a safety escort. For students, faculty, and staff that will be at CSU regularly this should not be used in place of personal orientation and mobility skills. If you need a proper orientation to campus call Disability Services or talk to your rehabilitation counselor.

Other Locations

CSU strives to provide education in accessible locations. Because some of our programs are offered in off-campus locations, a four-week advance notice of disability related needs will allow CSU to check the accessibility of the site and make changes if necessary.

Wolstein Center

The Wolstein Center at CSU is equipped to be accessible to visitors with a wide variety of disabilities. Please contact the Wolstein Center directly with any questions: (216) 687-9292 or wolsteincenter@csuohio.edu. Conference Center facilities, at the Wolstein Center, are fully accessible to those with mobility impairments.