Disability Services

Students Sharing Notes

Thank you for sharing notes for a student registered with the Office of Disability Services. You are performing a very important service to the university and a noble act to assist a fellow student. Some disabilities hinder the ability to take one’s own notes, often because of hearing, processing speed, writing fluency, or a number of other reasons. Your assistance will make a tremendous contribution toward making sure that your fellow student can fully participate in the course.

ODS will start offering compensation to notetakers starting Fall 2018. The notetaker can choose between receiving $50 per credit hour or receiving a certification for volunteer hours. Notetakers need to inform our office when signing up. To recieve the compensation notetakers must complete the training, get notes verified by faculty, and complete the semester.

Notetaker Sign-up Instructions on YouTube

Requirements for Notetakers Seaking Compensation

  • You must upload or submit to Disability Services in MC147 copies of notes within 24 hours of each class session. Preferably after each class session.
  • Notetakers must have the professor fill out the Notetaker Faculty Verification Form and you need to return it to Disability Services within two weeks of the assignment.
  • Notetakers must complete the Notetaker Training and complete the training quiz.
  • If the student receiving notes has been disclosed to you, you are not to share any information about this student with anyone outside of the Office of Disability Services.
  • The notes must be legible and organized.
  • The course, date, and instructor must be noted on the first sheet of notes from each class.
  • There must be a page number for each page of notes
  • Notetakers must complete any paperwork required by Disability Services to get setup for compensation on Finals Week of the Semester you are submitting notes.
  • If you are also a student registered with Disability Services you must check with your Disability Specialist to get qualified in the Disability Services Online System to share notes.
  • Student Employees of Disability Services must contact Jeff dell at j.dell@csuohio.edu to get setup as a notetaker


Students have the right to keep their identities anonymous in this process. This includes the ODS student you are sharing your notes with, and also you if you do not wish to be identified to the ODS student. The Family Educational Right to Privacy Act guarantees this. If signing up as a notetaker please e-mail odsnotes@csuohio.edu if you want your profile marked off as confidential.  If either the ODS student or the notetaker chooses to stay anonymous, that is a personal decision which ODS will respect. If you learn of the identity of the student you are sharing notes with, please do not disclose them as a student registered with the Office of Disability Services. Some students do not wish to disclose this for fear of discrimination.

Steps in Sharing Notes

  • Step 1: Fill out online application
  • Step 2: Sign up for Classes
  • Step 3: Disability Services approves matches
  • Step 4: Complete Training and Verification
  • Step 5: Share your notes
  • Step 6: Compensation

Step 1: Fill out online application

Use the NoteTaker Application to sign up to submit your notes. We need students to use their CSU e-mail for their e-mail address. If you do not know this you can look it up in CampusNet. The system will not allow you to use anything except e-mails on the CSU domain like @vikes.csuohio.edu address. . We also will need an active phone number we can reach you at in case we have questions about the notes for the class. Please fill out your application completely.

If you are a student registered with or an existing student employee for the Office of Disability Services, contact Disability services to be manually setup in the system because you cannot use the application. After the application is complete, please follow the directions below to request classes. You are not signed up as a notetaker until the class has been requested. If you have any questions please contact our Graduate Assistants at odsnotes@csuohio.edu or 216-687-2015.

Step 2: Sign up for Classes

For classes you wish to be a notetaker you will need to type in the Course Registration Number or search for the course to add the class. You can find the Course registration number or the other identifying information for your course on your schedule through CampusNet, or if the professor handed you the Notetaker Information Sheet with the 4 digit course registration number filled out.

  1. Please Visit the Disability Services Online System
  2. Click on the Notetaker Link toward the top of the page
  3. Under Step one choose the current semester from the dropdown list (i.e. 2017 Fall)
  4. Enter your Course Registration Numbers for all courses you want to be a Notetaker (the system says 5 digit but CSU courses are 4 digit numbers)
  5. Click the Continue to Verify Your Courses button
  6. Read the Notetaker Contract
  7. Type your name in the signature field as it appears below the edit field.
  8. Click the Submit Your Notetaker Contract button
  9. Under Step 3: Verify your Classes, check the checkbox next to the courses that you are registering to take notes for
  10. Click the Submit Your Class Schedule button

Step 3: Disability Services approves matches

Before you are finally assigned to a course a staff member from Disability Services will need to approve your submission. This should not take any more than a few days. If you are not matched within 2 days please contact Tolu or Rachael at odsnotes@csuohio.edu or 216-687-2015, to check on the status.

Step 4: Verification and Training

For students seeking compensation we are requiring that they complete our notetaker training and have the professors verify their notes are a sufficient representation of the material covered. Notetakers can complete the training by watching our training video or reading the training guide linked below. After watching or reading the training we need notetakers to complete the Notetaker Training Quiz.

All students seeking compensation also must show their professors at least two class sessions of notes and have the professor fill out the Notetaker Faculty Verification Form. When this form is completed you will need to turn it back into Disability Services in mC147, by e-mail to odsnotes@csuohio.edu, or by fax at 216-687-2343. We want this form completed within 2 weeks of receiving the assignment.

Step 5: Share your notes

The options for submitting your notes depends on whether you or the student receiving notes wishes to be anonymous and if you wish to receive compensation. We require notetakers receiving compensation to submit notes through our online system. This helps us to see what is happening and allows us to assist in making any necessary adjustments. Notes can be dropped off or copied in the Office of Disability Services (MC147). Notes can be passed through the instructor for the course. If both parties don’t mind identifying themselves, you can pass notes directly to the student. Whichever method you use please make sure to write the date, course, and instructor at the top of every page.

Uploading your Notes

When uploading notes the file size cannot be over 3MB per file. To upload your notes for a class:

  1. Login with your CSUID and password to the Disability Services Online System
  2. Click the Notetaker link toward the top of the page
  3. Select the class from the dropdown list
  4. Select the week of the semester which you are submitting notes for
  5. Check the checkbox next to the day or days of the week the notes are for
  6. Click Browse to choose the file you wish to upload
  7. Click Upload Notes

Step 6: Compensation

The office of Disability Services, starting Fall 2018, is now either giving students certificates for volunteering or paying our notetakers, $50 per credit hour, upon completion of their assignments. This means if you are sharing notes for a 3 credit hour class you will receive $150 for sharing your notes for that class. For notetakers that wish to receive this compensation, we need them to complete the notetaker training and submit quality notes within 24 hours of each class session. For compensation, notes need to be submitted either through our online system or to Disability Services in MC147. We will also need notetakers to have their professor sign off on two class sessions of notes to verify quality.

Notetakers will need to submit necessary paperwork during Finals Week. All payments will be rendered between 4 to 6 weeks after the end of the semester. There are two methods for payment. The first is that the notetaker would be paid as a contractor. The student being paid through this method would need to submit a W9 to get setup and then would receive a check in 4 to 6 weeks after submitting their paperwork. The second is for students who are already student employees at the university. We will submit a SEF form to add Disability Services as an employer and then pay students hourly up to the total amount owed. These hours would be added to the student’s Timecard over break.

If a notetaker does not finish the assignment or does not comply with any of the requirements above The Office of Disability Services reserves the right to deny compensation. If the notetaking assignment is cancelled because the student needing notes drops the class or decides to not use the accommodation Disability Services may provide a prorated compensation provided the following is true. The Notetaking Training Quiz must be completed. The Notetaker Faculty Verification form must be submitted to Disability Services. The Notetaker has submitted notes that comply with our requirements for at least 8 weeks of the semester. Based on the work completed the Office of Disability Services will determine any prorated compensation.

For more information about sharing your notes: