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Below is a complete list of forms from the Admission, Financial Aid, Graduate College, Registrar, and Treasury Services. Browse by Topic below. Each form includes instructions about where and how to turn it in.

Academic Records

Academic Reassessment Request

Change of Grading Status

Credit by Exam (Undergraduate)

Credit by Exam (Graduate)

Repeated Course Option

Transcript Request


Admissions, Transfer, and Re-Enrollment

Application Addendum- Undergraduate

Graduate Admission

Honors Program Admission

International Admission- Graduate

International Admission- Undergraduate

Law School Admission

Partnership Supplement Application (Lakeland and Lorain Community College)

Project 60

Return from Leave of Absence (Returning to Cleveland State)

Scholars Program Admission

Student Checklist- Not Attending

Transfer Admission

Transient Student Enrollment (Undergraduate CSU Students)

Transient Student Enrollment (Graduate CSU Students)

Transient Student Enrollment (Non-CSU Students)

Undergraduate Admission


Appeals, Petitions, and Requests

Attendance Verification (Unofficial Withdrawal Petition)

Authorization for Official Document Pick Up

Directory Information Restriction Request

Directory Information Request- Student Address Information

FERPA Release

Graduate Credit Transfer

Graduate Program Transfer

Graduate Student Conference Travel Fund

Graduate Student Petition

Late Registraton Fee Reimbursement

Ohio Residency Petition

Petition for Reinstatement of Financial Aid (SAP Petition)

SAP Academic Plan

SAP Maximum Time Frame Academic Plan

Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) Appeal

Transfer Credit Evaluation- Post-Baccalaureate Students

University Petition

Financial Aid Verification 2020-2021 Aid Year (Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021)

Federal Dependent Verification Worksheet

Federal Independent Verification Worksheet

Citizenship Verification

Selective Service Status Verification

Dependency Questions

Veteran Status Verification

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (In-Person)

FAFSA Signature Page

How to Request Verification of Nonfiling

How to Request a Tax Return Transcript

Special Circumstance - Private School Tuition

Special Circumstance - Loss of Child Support

Special Circumstance - General

Financial Aid Verification 2019-2020 Aid Year (Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020)

PDF iconFederal Dependent Verification Worksheet

PDF iconFederal Independent Verification Worksheet

PDF iconCitizenship Verification

PDF iconSelective Service Status Verification

PDF iconDependency Questions

PDF iconVeteran Status Verification

PDF iconIdentity and Statement of Educational Purpose (In-Person)

PDF iconFAFSA Signature Page

PDF iconHow to Request Verification of Nonfiling

PDF iconHow to Request a Tax Return Transcript

PDF iconSpecial Circumstance - Private School

PDF iconSpecial Circumstance - Child Support

PDF iconSpecial Circumstance - Other


Application to Graduate- Law Students

Change of Graduation Date

Duplicate Diploma

Graduation Application (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Law)

Thesis & Dissertation Proposal Approval



Grad PLUS Application (Online via

Loan Entrance Counseling (Online via 

Master Promissory Note (Online via

Parent PLUS Application (Online via

Perkins Loan Exit (Onine via ECSI)

Private Loans (Online via FastChoice)


Registration and Enrollment

Course Permission (Graduate Non-Degree)

Cross Registration (Undergraduate)

Cross-Registration (Gradaute)

Enrollment Form

Enrollment Certification Request

Exit Evaluation Course Registration

Overload Course (Graduate) 

Late Registration/Add - Graduate and Law

Late Registration/ Add - Undergraduate

Undergraduate Student Permission to Take Graduate Courses



Continuing Student Scholarship Online Application


Student Account

Authorization for Third Party Billing

Emergency Tuition Adjustment

Late Fee Reversal Request (Online)

Repayment Agreement (Online)

Void Request (Stop Check Payment)



Student Records and Personal Infomation

Change of Information