Dual Admissions

Dual Admissions

Cleveland State University is proud to partner with Cuyahoga Community College to provide students an opportunity to seamlessly continue their education from an associate's to a bachelor's degree.

What is the Dual Admission Program?

If you are intending to obtain your associates degree at Tri-C and then move into your four-year degree at Cleveland State University, our Dual Admission Program will

  • Provide you with a one-step admission process
  • Automatically transfer your credits between Tri-C and Cleveland State
  • Allow you to take courses at Tri-C and CSU simultaneously
  • Give you access to both Cleveland State and Tri-C program advisors to chart your educational goals
  • Permit you to use student services and participate in student activities at both Cleveland State University and Tri-C (This includes equal opportunity for registration, financial aid, scholarships, advising, University Library access, recreation center privileges, and participation in career fairs and attend sporting events)

Student Eligibility

If you can say "yes" to every statement below, you are eligible to participate in the partnership:

  • I am intending to complete my first associate’s degree at Tri-C
  • I have not attained a college degree
  • I am planning to complete my bachelor degree at Cleveland State University
  • I have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (includes transcripts from all schools attended)