University Architect

University Architect

The Office of the University Architect (OUA) manages renovation and new construction projects, from conception thru close-out, campus-wide at Cleveland State University.  Our department works closely with all internal and external constituents to balance the cost, schedule, and quality objectives of each project to provide the highest level of amenities with available funding.

Our services include estimating, scope review, proposal development, contract bid documents, selection of service providers, product specification, and oversight of all project deliverables.  The office maintains an on-line library of standards and guidelines for building systems, furniture, fixtures, and equipment.  In addition, the department maintains project record documents and assists the University with inventory and space use reporting.

OUA is part of the Facilities and Safety Team (FAST), and is committed to serving CSU's campus in alignment with CSU and FAST Mission Statements.

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The FAST is comprised of highly-engaged professionals who provide customer-focused facilities and safety services to assure that CSU is successful at achieving its academic, financial and community goals.  


Unauthorized construction work (renovations, improvements, maintenance) on campus creates significant exposures for the University in three ways:

  1. Injury or death to individuals who are not properly trained to undertake the construction activities.
  2. Liability related property damage, compromised building controls, unsafe changes to building systems, personnel working out of classification, and denial of insurance claims.
  3. Risk denial of CSU’s Administrative Authority granted by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and exposure to compromising State statutes or State permit requirements.

Similarly, unauthorized contractors and their employees also pose a threat to campus personnel and campus infrastructure.

Therefore, in our continuing effort to provide a safe campus environment, the Department of Facilities and Safety (FAST) has developed a plan to curtail the exposures associated with unauthorized construction. The salient points of the plan are noted below:

  • All construction projects will be initiated via a FAST Service Request.
  • Contractors and their employees:
    • Will watch a CSU orientation video before working at CSU.
    • Will be issued photo identification cards to be visibly worn at all times.
  • “FAST Project Permit” (bright red sticker) will be posted at job sites.
    • FAST members will be trained to look for IDs and project permits.
    • Project Managers will promptly address violators. 
  • CSU personnel engaged in unauthorized construction will continue to be referred to their supervisor(s), Office of University Compliance, and Human Resources for appropriate action.

While the Facilities and Safety Team will routinely monitor the campus to ensure that construction work done on campus is authorized, we ask that should you observe unauthorized work or contractors, please contact 687-2500 (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM M-F) or 687-2020, so we can take immediate action.

Thank you for your attention to these new procedures that we believe will make a safer and more secure university environment for all.