Cleveland State University


Safety Tips

The CSU Escorts are available to escort you to your vehicle 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Student Community Service Officers (CSOs), wearing orange shirts or jackets, assist with safety escorts. CSO's also provide bicycle patrols. building monitoring, and regular patrols of the campus, buildings and inner link walkways. Individuals who walk across campus during evening hours are encouraged to use CSU Escorts by calling 216.687.2020 from a cell phone or by calling 2020 from any campus phone when traveling to and from destinations.


  • Always Lock Your Doors
  • Roll Up and Lock Your Windows
  • PUT YOUR JUNK IN YOUR TRUNK -Protect yourself from car break-ins. Get in the habit of putting anything of any value in the trunk of your car. Don’t leave items (even spare change and GPS devices) in plain view.
  • Do not hide a spare key in or on your car - it can be found
  • Be Aware and Report any Suspicious Activity Immediately to Campus Police 216.687.2020
  • Know Where the Blue Light Emergency Phone is Located in the Area Where You Normally Park*
  • Report Any Accidents On Campus Immediately to Campus Police 216.687.2020
  • Use the Blue Light Emergency Phones to report an emergency
  • Don't Walk Alone At Night - Use the CSU Escorts.

* Blue light emergency phones are strategically placed in or near parking areas. Upon picking up the receiver you will be in immediate contact with a dispatcher at CSU Police Headquarters. Each time an emergency phone is activated, an officer is sent to investigate.