Passport Parking allows registered users to purchase and/or extend their time with a credit card (Visa, MC and Discover) via mobile app (smartphone required) or on the web for a $0.25 convenience fee per session. So long as you keep the current parking session active, you will only be charged one $0.25 convenience fee. However, once the current session expires, users will be subject to another convenience fee when a new session begins. Smartphone users will be prompted to extend the time via the Passport app 10 minutes prior to the current session expiration. The maximum extendable time (after initial time purchase) is up to four (4) hours.

All Passport spaces are in zone 216

Click here for visitor parking locations

Passport is available in  these locations (additional locations may be added in the future):

  • Lot 22 (Student Center)
  • Lot 21 (front of MU)
  • Rec Garage (RG)
  • Lot 70 (E. 24th Street)
  • Lot 66 (Julka Drive)
  • Lot 54
  • Lot 40 (Wolstein Drive)
    • May park for up to four (4) hours (time may be extended via Passport)
    • Payment options
      • Pay the PayStation with cash/credit (exact change only - no refunds for overpayment)
      • Pay using with the Passport Parking app on your smartphone
    • Extending time
      • Can extend original purchase via PassPort Parking, up to four (4) hours.
      • Additional time purchases made via the PayStation do not extend the time, rather it starts a new session from the additional transaction time.
  • Having trouble using the Passport App? Call our dedicated help line: 216-539-0333