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Accessing via a mobile device

Supported Mobile Devices

On 9/3/2019, iOS 10 users will no longer be able to use Outlook for iOS to sync their email or calendar data. The client will not be able to connect to Microsoft services. As a reminder, support for iOS 10 users was retired from Outlook for iOS in November 2018.
To fix this problem, users will need to update their devices to iOS 11 or higher. For the best experience, Microsoft recommends that users upgrade to the latest version of iOS. Users can find information on the latest version of iOS by navigating to

Microsoft supports various mobile devices for accessing email, office products and Skype.  For the latest listing of these devices, along with what in supported, please select here to open the appropriate document.

The iPhone/iPad or an Android will provide you with the ability to access your email account through the device's exchange setting or via an Outlook App that can be downloaded.  For information on setting up access through either of these methods, refer to the information listed under the set up access section.

Wipe a mobile device from Engage 365

If the event arises where a mobile device, that was setup to access an Engage 365 account, needs to be remotely wiped, please follow the steps listed within this documentation, Wipe a Mobile Device from Engage 365.

Set Up Access

The following information is provided for setting up access for various mobile devices in order to access your CSU email account.  

When configuring the devices the Exchange server should be entered as and the User ID or email address should be defined as:

Please note:  should your status with the university ever change, that is your status changes from a student to an employee or alumni or any combination such as this, you will need to reconfigure your mobile device to reflect this change, as your CSU email address will change to match your current status. 

Instructions by device
Apple Devices (iPhone / iPad)
Email SetupOutlook App
BackupWireless Setup
MS office on IPhone
Android Backup MS Office (phone)
Outlook App SetupMS Office (Tablet)
Engage 365 setup
Engage 365 setup

Outlook for iOS and Android Training

Microsoft manages and maintains a site that provides training information and videos for using Outlook on iOS and Android devices.  To visit this training site, select this link: Outlook for iOS and Android

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