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Rise is a digital signage application that allows users to create presentations then post them on displays. This system offers an easy and quick method to create and post professional looking material, without the need of extensive graphics knowledge. You can post material created by yourself or choose from the 100+ professionally designed templates in Rise Vision to get started quickly.  

Along with graphics, you can post video, animation, image and live streaming. 

Overview (video)

For an overview and information on how this system works, select this link.  This link will take you to the Rise Vision site and contains a video.

Request a Quote for a New Installation

If you would like to acquire, or simply obtain additional information related to a Rise Player, please contact the IS&T Help Desk at ext 5050, email or complete this form.   

Please note that there is a cost associated with obtaining Rise.


Once the Rise system has been installed, IST must receive a list of individuals who will have access to the system in order to post and manage material.  Once access has been granted, the individuals will receive an email from "Rise Vision Support".  Within this email will be a link that must be followed in order to complete the activation process and will require the individual to create a password.  

Once the account is active, in order to access the system, visit and select "log in".  Enter your CSU email address, along with the password that was created for this system.

Should you wish to have access to a specific location, please contact the department responsible for the individual site.  


  1. How to create a new posting: you will need to
    1. upload material from your desktop 
    2. create a presentation, this will be the layout of the material as it will appear on the display 
    3. add the presentation to a schedule, this will define when the item will display and on which device / monitor.  Schedules have been created that will correspond to monitors and will have the same name assigned as the monitor to which it is assigned.
  2. What is a presentation
  3. What is a schedule
  4. Change or forgot password:  go to and select "log in" as you normally would to sign in.  On the sign in page select "forgot your password?" and follow the steps listed.
  5. Schedule an individual presentation to start / stop displaying on a specific date / time:  when adding the presentation to the schedule, un-check the option titled "timeline" - this will open up the field to set the schedule for the individual presentation.  If the presentation is already listed in the schedule, edit it and un-check the option titled "timeline".
  6. Would like to have my material posted on another department's location.  Once you have created a presentation, you would need to share the presentation (also includes information on how to post material that was shared).  Once you have shared it, send out a notice to individual(s) responsible for the location(s) where you wish to have your presentation posted, so they may review and post the presentation/template. 
  7. Are their guidelines when creating a presentation?  Rise Vision does have a guide for best practices.

Additional Information

For more detailed information, or for information concerning a specific question previously addressed, please visit the help center page at Rise Vision.  Once at this site, simply enter the information you are searching for.  If you are unable to locate the information you desire, please feel free to contact us by calling the IST Help Desk at ext 5050.

Reporting Issues

To report an issue with an existing Rise Vision system, please contact the IST Help Desk at ext 5050.  You may also report it electronically by signing into the CSU Easy Service system.  Once you are signed into this system, create a new incident and assign it to the category of "Messaging" and the subcategory of "Visual Communication"