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Windows 7 will be out of support after January 14, 2020. Because Office 365 is governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy, customers are required to stay current as per the servicing and system requirements for the product or service. This includes using Office 365 ProPlus on a Windows operating system that is currently in support.

If you are still using Office 365 ProPlus on a Windows 7 operating system, you will need to upgrade your operating system to Win 10 in order to remain current on any ProPlus updates and receive the appropriate level of of assistance in the event of any issues with the product.


What is Office 365?

Office 365 ProPlus is a full version of the MS Office Suite.  CSU currently offers up to 5 free downloads of the Office product for personal use.  This product has the same features and functionality as the standard versions of MS Office, it is not a web-based version of Office.  Use this version on documents that are filed on the device or that are attachments within an email.

Office Online is a web-based version of Office, with the same features found on the client, and is used for documents that are filed in the cloud, such as on your OneDrive.  This version cannot be used on documents that are filed on the device or that are attachments within an email.

Not all accounts will be eligible for Office 365 ProPlus.  To determine if your account is eligible, please review the eligibility list

To download MS Office to your personal device, if eligible, sign into your email account via a supported browser, open the APP Launcher and select Office 365.  This will open a new page where you will find the option to install office.  Follow the directions listed and if prompted to activate Microsoft Office, you will be requested to enter your email address. Enter it as your CSUID@..... and your CampusNet password.

Should your account not be eligible for Office 365 ProPlus, you will still have access to Office Online, with the exception of Alumni accounts which have access to email only.  Should you need to open a document that is filed on your device, or is an attachment on an email, upload the item into your OneDrive.  Once there you can access the document using Office Online.

If your account is ever deactivated, any licenses assigned to your account will also be deactivated.  Any item that was created using this license will be available in "read only" mode unless the items are moved to an individually licensed office product.

Like other versions of Office, Office 365 ProPlus is available in a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. It is recommended that the 32-bit version be deployed, even on computers using 64-bit operating systems. If you think you need the 64-bit version, carefully review the information about 64-bit editions of MS Office before you deploy.

When Office 365 ProPlus is deployed, the product is installed on the local device. Office 365 ProPlus is not a web-based version of Office.  Microsoft offers online video training for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.  

The ability to download this product is restricted to personal devices only.  Should you wish to have the latest version of Microsoft Office loaded onto your office computer, or other CSU owned device, please contact the IS&T Help Desk at 216-687-5050.

Should you ever receive an error of "Your account doesn't allow editing on a mac. To learn more, contact your Admin about your office plan." , on the application you are using, in the upper right corner verify that you are signed in, if not, sign in with your CSU credentials (CSU ID number followed by @.....").  Otherwise please refer to the information that Microsoft has posted.


system Requirements

  System requirements for Office

Download Documentation

Microsoft Office Mobile products for the Android phone

Microsoft Office Mobile products for the iPhone & iPad



The following applications are offered:
Office 365 for PC
Office 365 for MAC OS X 10.14 or higher
Word Word
Excel Excel
PowerPoint PowerPoint
Outlook Outlook
OneNote OneNote 
OneDrive for Business  
Word Mobile Word Mobile
Excel Mobile Excel Mobile
PowerPoint Mobile PowerPoint Mobile