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Accessing via a browser

Looking for information on how to perform a specific task?  Then go to "how to" information  located at the bottom of this screen.

Supported Browsers

Microsoft Edge: Office 365 is designed to work with the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser. 

Internet Explorer: Office 365 is designed to work with the current, or immediately previous, version of Internet Explorer.  Office 365 may continue to work with versions of IE other that the current and immediately previous version for some time after the release of a new version, but Microsoft cannot provide any guarantees.   

Please note: Internet Explorer is not supported on Windows 10, when using a device with the Windows 10 OS, it is recommended that you use Microsoft Edge, or one of the browsers as listed below. 

Firefox, Chrome, and Safari: Office 365 is designed to work with the current, or immediately previous, version of Firefox, or the current version of Chrome or Safari.  Firefox and Chrome are both designed to stream updates to your device every six weeks.  Many common problems with these browsers are resolved in the next update.

Please note: for those devices that are owned and managed by CSU, the version of Firefox that is installed on these units is not a supported version for use with Office 365.  As such, it is strongly recommended that IE or Chrome be the primary browser of choice when accessing Office 365 via a browser on these devices.

Accessing Engage 365 (Office 365)

To access your Engage 365 (Office 365) account, go to or

Once you have signed into your account, various settings for your account can be located by selecting the “Gear” icon located in the upper right.

"How to" Information 

Below is information related to specific tasks when accessing your account via a browser.  If you are unable to locate the desired information, please contact the Help Desk at pr 216-687-5050.

change how mail is sorted copy mail to Engage 365 from a personal account
delegate an account access a delegated account
Set your start page enable/ disable light version
Creating a rule to redirect mail to another account create a rule
set/ change auto reply change theme and picture
add a new folder delete a folder
recover deleted emails list available apps
create a signature empty trash(manually and automatically)
flag mail as junk flag mail as not junk
send an attachment tasks
create and manage sweep rules set "reply all" button to "reply" as default
turn off clutter search mailbox
manage settings turn off focus
flag mail as phishing attempt maintain block or allow lists
share or change access to a calendar access a shared calendar
create a personal contact create a personal contact group
update/ delete a personal contact update/ delete a personal contact group
create a personal mail list Import Contacts

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