Messaging Services

Accessing via a client

Supported Desktop Clients

Outlook 2016 * 
Entourage 2008 for MACWeb Services Edition
Outlook for MAC 2016MAC OS X version 10.10 (Yosemite) minimum
Windows 10 

* for Outlook 2016 the Instant Search functionality requires Windows Search 4.0

 Accessing Engage 365 account via a client

To access your Engage 365 account using a supported client, you must first set up access.  Once the client is set up with your account information, simply start the client to access your account.

Please note:  should your status with the university ever change, that is your status changes from a student to an employee or alumni or any combination such as this, you will need to reconfigure your mobile device to reflect this change, as your CSU email address will change to match your current status. 

  Set up access via  

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Outlook for Windows Training

Microsoft manages and maintains a site that provides training information and videos for using the Outlook client and that also contains information related to Outlook on iOS, Android and Mac devices.  This site may be accessed by select this link: Outlook for Windows training

"How to" information for specific actions

Create a SignaturePermit Pictures To Automatically Download
Sign into 2 or more accountsRemove an existing profile (Windows)
Remove an existing profile (Win 10)Import a data file
Export MailAdd a New Folder 
Delete a FolderFlag incoming mail as Junk 
Purge Trash Change Sorting of Mail
Search mailboxRecover Deleted Items
Recall an email that was sentControl amount of mail to sync
Focused InboxShared Mailbox
Add Emails To Safe SendersEncrypt email
Recall or Replace emailShared Mailbox for Mac
Share a CalendarOpen a Shared Calendar
Sharing and Accessing Shared ContactsShare a Contact Folder
Import Contacts 
Windows 10
Create, read and respond to messages

Video Training

The following link will redirect you to a site managed by Microsoft.  This site contains numerous short videos related to various actions when using the Outlook client.  Information related to Mac 2016 is also available through this site.  Outlook for Windows video training

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