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What's new with Engage 365

In an effort to provide the best service possible, with the most current capabilities to make your use of the Engage 365 system an uneventful one, Microsoft regularly implements updates / changes to the system.  For the most part, these changes are implemented with no interruption in service.  On those rare occasions where there will be an outage, Microsoft will make an announcement well in advance of the implementation and we will then provide appropriate notification to you.

For a listing of changes that have been implemented on the CSU system, visit the SharePoint site titled Office 365 Information Page.  When accessing this site you may be required to enter you CampusNet credentials.  The SharePoint site is also accessible from your Engage 365 account.  Simply sign in via a supported browser, open the “SharePoint” app, then search for “Office 365 Information Page”.

It is recommended that when accessing the above site for the first time that you select “follow”.  This will load a link onto your Engage 365 account so that you may more easily access it in the future.