Disability Services

Requesting Alternative Text

Before you can request textbooks in our online system we need you to request your Accommodations in our online system. Please choose the Alternative Media options you are eligible for when requesting your accommodations. This will make the options for requesting accessible materials for the course available to you. There will be a table with bookstore textbooks when posted so you can quickly add books that you need in an accessible format. There is also a form so that you can add books or articles that are not listed by the bookstore. This is the way we are accepting submission for materials from now going forward.

Requesting Books Listed in the Bookstore Catalog

View Requesting Textbooks Listed in the Bookstore Catalog on YouTube

  1. Log into Disability Services Online System
  2. If you have eForms acknowledge and accept them
  3. Click on the link on the leftside of the page for Alternative Media
  4. If the term you are requesting is not the current term click Next Term to move to the term you wish to request for
  5. Under the heading “Obtain Book List from Bookstore and Get Alternative Media” Click on Select on the right side of the table for the book that you need for us to convert into an accessible format.
  6. The next screen should confirm that your request went through and enable you to select more books if needed.
Note: Some of your books may not be listed in the bookstore catalog until closer to the semester. If you have identified and purchased a book that is not listed in the bookstore catalog please submit the book via the Additional Book or Reading Materials heading following the steps below.

For Materials Not in the Bookstore List

You can add books that a professor has not submitted to the bookstore but are required or supplemental readings for the class. We need some information to be able to proceed with the request. We will need the exact title of the material, authors name, publisher, and Edition for the book. The ISBN will be incredibly helpful if you have it. For materials that are articles please give us the title, author, publication, and the location or source where the material is regularly obtained. This would be a location like Blackboard or ECR. If there is a persistent link for the article please put it into the notes field.

View Requesting Alt Text Additional Reading Materials on YouTube

  1. Login and go to Alternative Media
  2. Under the Heading "Additional Book or Reading Materials" choose a class to add a book
  3. Please enter the exact Title for the book
  4. Enter an ISBN if you have it (Very Helpful)
  5. Either enter the publisher for the book or if it is an article please enter the title of the periodical
  6. Enter the Author or Authors (The first Author is sufficient)
  7. For Textbooks please enter the edition or if it is a periodical please enter the publication date
  8. In the Note field please enter what materials you will need from the publication and where the material can be found. For articles or material posted online please enter the persistent link or the location where the article can be obtained like Blackboard or ECR. For books list what materials you need to read like chapters or page ranges.
  9. Click Submit Request

List Books Currently Being Processed

To see what materials you have requested and the status of the materials pleas look on the Alternative Media Page at the "List Books Currently Being Processed" table to see the information for the books and the status of your submission.

Cancelling a book Request

Please e-mail alttext@csuohio.edu as soon as you need to cancel or change the request for a book. There is no way for you to cancel a book listed in the Disability Services Online System in process unless you decide to drop a class and then it will be cancelled automatically. If you have a class that has been dropped temporarily from CampusNet due to account issues that you are working out please contact your Disability Specialist to request that your accommodations not be cancelled.

If you have any questions about this process or are having difficulties please contact Jeffrey Dell at j.dell@csuohio.edu or stop into the office in RW210.