Disability Services

Resources & Information

This page lists some resources, both at CSU and external to CSU, which can be of assistance to students, faculty and Staff. We also post information here to assist faculty and staff in the provision of accommodations for students.

Resources for Students

  • Tutoring and Academic Supports – This is a list of tutoring and academic support options at CSU. Disability & Testing Services does not directly offer tutoring. Tutoring is not available for all subjects at Cleveland State, but there are a wide range of offerings.
  • Additional Campus Resources – This page is included in the eligibility letter sent to students after their intake appointment. It lists resources that we wish for students to be aware of as a student registered with our office and potentially a new student to CSU.
  • Confidentiality – This page explains the confidentiality of information with our office and how it is kept separate of a student's academic records.
  • Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) - Provides vocational rehabilitation services to students making the transition from high school to college. They also provide vocational rehabilitation for people who become disabled later in life. The assistance they provide is for training programs, like a University, and for high and low tech aids to assist a person in their vocational endeavors’. For more information call 1-866.325.0026 or visit OOD Regional Offices contact list.

Resources for Faculty

  • Recommended Course Syllabus Statement – This is the statement that Disability Services recommends is added to course syllabi, to direct students with requests for accommodations related to disability to the Office of Disability & Testing Services.
  • Resources for Creating Accessible Documents – This is a resource created by our Alternative Media Specialist for best practices for document accessibility.
  • Do-It Faculty Room - The Disabilities, Opportunities, Networking, Technology Faculty Room provides good information about providing accommodations to students with disabilities including a knowledge base of frequent questions.

Other Resources

  • Ableism 101 - This page explains what constitutes the thinking behind ableism
  • Disability Etiquette - An explanation of best practices when working and interacting with people with disabilities
  • Registering for eLearning Workshops - There are workshops on preparing accessible documents for Universal Design in courses through eLearning
  • Blackboard Ally - This tool is licensed at CSU for promoting and assisting with creating more accessible course in Blackboard. The applicaiton can help people understand what difficulties may be introduced when adding content and how to remove the associated barriers created.
  • Drupal Website Accessibility - Drupal is the content management system that Cleveland State uses for it's website. This page is a littel technical but it does have links to good information on accessible elements and considerations for creating webpages.
  • Accessible Webforms in Drupal - This is a great tool for replacing old department PDF and Word forms through use of an accessible HTML interface
  • Creating Accessible PDF's - When it is necessary to use PDF documents they should be accessible. This page gives information on creating accessible PDF documents including forms. Staff and faculty do have access to Adobe Acrobat through our campus Adobe licensing.
  • WebAIM Articles - Web Accessibility In Mind provides great information about making web pages and content such as Power Point presentations, PDF's, and Word documents accessible.
  • AHEAD - The Association for Higher Education and Disability is a professional organization dedicated to disability access in colleges and universities.