Disability Services

Housing and Dining/Meal Plan Accommodations

Students seeking Housing Accommodations in dorms through Residence Life must go through the Office of Disability Services for approval. Students seeking accommodations for the meal plans through Dining Services will need to go through Disability Services if they are seeking dining or dietary options related to a medical condition or allergies. Dining Services offers options for many allergies so students may wish to consult with them before registering with Disability & Testing Services. To get started with your accommodation requests please complete our Registration Process.

Housing Accommodations

Students living in campus housing must complete the application process through Residence Life to get into campus housing. Students seeking accommodations still need to go through that process, so we recommend doing that as early as possible because the dormitories in many years fill up fast. Generally, accommodation requests related to room assignments need to be completed by June 30th to guarantee the assignment needed for the upcoming school year. Requests for accommodations aside from the beginning of the academic year should be submitted at least 6 weeks before the resident is moving in. Please follow the process for Registering with Disability & Testing Services as early as possible to get your request in for housing accommodations. For students looking for Gender Inclusive Housing Assignments, can place that request through the Resident Portal after they have been accepted into CSU dorms.

Frequent housing Accommodation requests we receive are:

  • Private Bedroom
  • Private Suite
  • Assistive Alerting Devices
  • First Floor or near Elevator Access
  • Wheelchair Accessible Facilities
  • Emotional Support Animals

The availability of private suites and private bedrooms are limited. Students must have their accommodation request approved for those accommodations before June 30th each year for us to arrange them. Private suites are a private living quarters with a private bathroom and no shared living spaces. Private bedrooms share living spaces like the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room. There are no private bedrooms in Fenn Tower, so students receiving that accommodation will be placed in Euclid Commons. The availability of these options is limited. If requesting these as an accommodation there must be a clear rationale and explanation of the necessity of the accommodation eliminates a barrier to access.

Emotional Support Animals

To comply with HUD regulations Assistance Animals including Emotional Support Animals are permitted in CSU dorms. Students must register with Disability & Testing Services for this accommodation. Students must also complete the Assistance Animals Packet with the appropriate medical or social services provider completing the Health or Social Services Professional Statement or providing equivalent supporting documentation to that statement. . Emotional Support Animals are not permitted in any CSU building aside from the dormitory the student resides in. ESA’s are not covered under the ADA for places of public accommodation like service animals. Please visit the Service Animal and ESA page for clarification. Violation of terms stated in the Assistance Animal Packet and other campus policies regarding animals on campus are Student Code of Conduct Violations.

Dining & Meal Plan Accommodations

Students with dietary needs related to medical conditions or allergies often find the dining options in the Viking Marketplace and other on campus eateries to be accommodating. Options are easily accessible for nut allergies and gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease. Students may wish to contact Dining Services before registering with Disability Service to see if their needs can easily be accommodated through existing options. When Registering with Disability & Testing Services students will need to provide clear information about what their needs are and how it is related to a medical condition or disability. The Asthma and Allergies Documentation Packet or the General Documentation Packet can be used with your medical provider to be sure to get the information that is needed for assisting you.

Students living in the dorms are required to have a meal plan. There are a variety of options that students can choose from. If the students need cannot be met through Dining Services, we can work with students on an exception to this requirement. All dorm suites have a kitchen area for student to prepare meals for if a student is granted an exception to the meal plan requirement.