Disability Services

Disability & Testing Services Appeals and Grievances

Appeals of Accommodation Request Determinations

If students request accommodations which staff in the Office of Disability & Testing Services (ODS) determines to not be necessary or reasonable, students have rights to appeal those determinations. Students will first appeal the decision to the Director of Disability & Testing Services. If students wish to continue the appeal, they will next need to submit their request to appeal to the ADA and 504 Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE).

When staff in ODS make determinations on requested accommodations, they consider them primarily based on three questions.

  1. Does a student have a disability that would qualify them for services?
  2. What barriers to equitable access are created by the disability?
  3. Does the requested or recommended accommodation provide equitable access while being able to be reasonably implemented and not alter fundamental requirements of the program or service the student is engaging in?

Accommodation requests will be denied if it is not related to barriers created by a disability, is not equitable, creates a fundamental alteration to a program or service, or cannot be reasonably implemented. If staff in ODS declines the request for an accommodation and the student is experiencing disability related barriers associated with participation in CSU programs or services, they are likely going to offer alternative accommodations for your participation while engaging in an interactive process.

Appeal to Director of Disability & Testing Services

The first level of appeal for determinations of ODS staff will go to the Director of ODS. Appeals must be submitted in writing via e-mail to Dr. Nicholas Petty n.petty@csuohio.edu. You must include a description of what accommodation you are requesting an your rationale for requesting the accommodation. You may be asked to meet with the Director or provide additional information in support of your appeal. After a determination on this appeal is completed, you will receive the determination in writing to your CSU e-mail or personal e-mail the appeal was submitted from if you do not have a CSU e-mail.

Second Appeal through ADA 504 Coordinator

If a student’s appeal to the Director of Disability & Testing Services is declined, an appeal can be submitted outside of the department to CSU’s ADA 504 Coordinator. The Director of the Office of Institutional Equity serves in this capacity. Appeals can be submitted on the OIE Complaint Form and would follow the OIE Procedures for Investigating Complaints of Discrimination.

Grievances and Complaints About Disability & Testing Services

Grievances About Actions by Disability & Testing Services

Noncompliance with Accommodations Approved By CSU

If faculty or other campus stakeholders are not providing the accommodations approved by ODS, that could result in a complaint of discrimination. We advise students to contact ODS immediately if their accommodations are not being provided. When ODS investigates the complaint, ODS will work with students and the faculty or department where the dispute lies. We recommend students consult Disability & Testing Services before OIE so it can be determined if the issue of compliance is a misunderstanding of the terms of the provision of the accommodation or if there may be a more appropriate accommodation for the situation than what was initially approved.

  • If ODS determines that the issue is noncompliance with the provided accommodation and is discriminatory, ODS will refer the matter for further action. If students wish to pursue the matter beyond ODS’s resolution or disagree with ODS’s resolution, they may submit a complaint of discrimination through OIE.