Center for Faculty Excellence

High Impact Practices – Funding Opportunity

Cleveland State University has received a small grant from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities to encourage the implementation of “High Impact Practices” (HIP’s) in first-year classes - see the material linked here for a brief summary of what HIP’s are.  The grant will provide a $1000 stipend to up to 10 faculty members who commit to implementing a high-impact practice in one of their lower-division classes in Spring 2018.  It also will fund a program coordinator, Emilie Zickel, who will work with participating faculty and ensure that the program moves forward.  Participating faculty will take part in a “learning community,” to be coordinated by the Center for Faculty Excellence and Professor Zickel.

Because there is extremely short lead time on this (the grant was made in early November and the RFP was announced only a few weeks before that), the decision has been made to focus on three HIP’s that seem to lend themselves most easily to a short development cycle:

  •             Diversity/Global Learning
  •             Service Learning, Community-Based Learning
  •             Collaborative Assignments and Projects

We invite faculty to complete this brief application, so that the program steering committee can review applications and select a group of faculty to participate.   Tenure-stream faculty and College Lecturers are eligible to apply You may select any of the three HIP’s for your submission – if all the submissions are focused the same HIP, that’s fine.  Please ensure that your proposal describes a new initiative for your course – requests for support for work that is already in place will not be successful.   The HIP should either be something entirely new to your course or a significant modification/enhancement of an HIP you’ve already implemented.

Applications are due November 29, because we are required to notify AASCU of the names of participating faculty by December 4.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact either Emily Zickel or Peter Meiksins.

Program Steering Committee:

Professor Peter Meiksins, Vice Provost for Academic Programs
Professor Emily Zickel, Department of English
Professor John Holcomb, Associate Dean, COSHP
Professor Joyce Mastboom, Associate Dean, CLASS
Professor Joanne Goodell, Director, Center for Faculty Excellence