Center for Faculty Excellence

Provost's Teaching Summit

Provost Jianping Zhu sponsored this event on May 1, 2017, in order to provide a forum for celebrating, recognizing and sharing excellence in teaching across the university.

Previous Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award winners, Teaching Enhancement Award winners, Center for Faculty Excellence workshop participants, faculty who are actively engaged with the scholarship of teaching and learning, and all faculty dedicated to teaching were invited to attend the event to share an innovative aspect of their teaching at the poster fair.

The following table is also available in PDF format.

Presenters Poster
Judith Ausherman, Michele Barton-Verdi    

Creating an Integrated Garden-Based Curriculum: Lessons from the Field

Jessica Bickel   

Utilizing Small Whiteboards to Promote Learning in the Classroom

Sandra Chincholkar, Mohsen Manouchehri   

Pursue-thru-Two: MTH 87 & 116 in One Semester

Cheryl Delgado, Margaret Toukonen, Corinne Wheeler

The Use of Dogs as Stress Relief during Finals Week

Michael A. Dover

Class Theory: Student Theorizing About Microaggression, Intersectionality, Critical Thinking and Open-Mindedness

Leah H. Gold

Teaching Inquiry-Oriented Abstract Algebra

Glenn Goodman

College Students with Disabilities: Evaluating a Service Learning Program

Adrienne Gosselin

Issues Surrounding Lead Contamination

Thijs Heus

The Effect of Frequent Quizzing in Intro Physics Courses

John Holcomb, Susan Carver

Operation STEM

Michael Horvath

Predictors of Flipped Classroom Behavior and Attitudes

Eddie T.C. Lam

Engage Student Learning & Class Dynamics with the Buzzer System

Browne Lewis

Intelligent Entertainment: Applying Law to Films

L. Felipe Martins

Using an Open Source Text in Differential Equations

Colleen McMahon, Jennifer Hood, Patrick Frato, Shereen Naser

Bridging the training-to-practice gap in school psychology through targeted service learning opportunities

Joe Mead

Changing Urban Policy: UST 617 / LAW 675

Antonio Medina-Rivera

Incorporating Projects for the Linguistic Class

Anne O'Connor

The REEL Experience at CSU

Tracy H. Porter, Mary Hrivnak

Service Learning:  A Unique Approach to Diversity Education in HR

Dan Rager

#1: The Business of Music (the Maze)

#2: Show Me the Money

Emily Rauschert

In-Class Informal Meta-Analysis to Teach Scientific Consensus

Robert Shelton

Reacting to the Past

Shelley E. Rose

Google Mapping Tools in the Classroom

Pamela Rutar, Linda Wolf, Cheryl Delgado,  Joan Niederriter

Student Satisfaction to a Faculty Designed Multimedia Strategy

Eric Siler

A Collaborative Exhibition of Filmworks

Cigdem Slankard

Augmented Reality and Media Production

Karen Sotiropoulos, Carol Drake

The Art of Resistance: Historical Imagination and General Education

Kiril A. Streletzky, Samantha Tietjen,  James Pitchford, Krista Freeman

SPS Physics Fridays at Campus International School

Meg Toukonen

Human-Animal Interactions and Therapies: An Interprofessional Course

Jearl Walker

Physics for Rachael

Robert Whitbred

Facilitating Application of Organizational Theories to Current Events

Wenbing Zhao  

#1: Enhancing Communication with Students with a Teaching Method Based on Topical Guide Objectives

#2: Design and Implementation of Project-Based Courses on Cutting-Edge Computer Technologies