Center for Faculty Excellence

Book Discussion Groups


Spring 2019

Group 1 “Using Reflection & Metacognition to Improve Student Learning" by Kaplan, Silver, Lavaque-Manty, Meizlish; 2013.
“Research has identified the importance of helping students develop the ability to monitor their own comprehension and to make their thinking processes explicit, and indeed demonstrates that metacognitive teaching strategies greatly improve student engagement with course material. This book -- by presenting principles that teacher in higher education can put into practice in their own classrooms -- explains how to lay the ground for this engagement, and help students become self-regulated learners actively employing metacognitive and reflective strategies in their education.”
Contents consist of:
  • Reflective Pedagogies and the Metacognitive Turn in College Teaching
  • Make Exams Worth More Than the Grade
  • Improving Critical-Thinking Skills in Introductory Biology through Quality Practice and Metacognition
  • Reflection and Metacognition in Engineering Practice
  • "The Steps of the Ladder Keep Going Up" Case Study
  • Implementing Metacognitive Interventions in Disciplinary Writing Classes
  • Designs for Writing
  • Reflections, ePortfolios, and WEPO
Meets select Thursdays from 2:00 to 3:30pm in SC 313.
"Developed by a global authority on teaching and learning, the practice of 'small teaching' enables every type of educator in all disciplines to energize and boost student understanding by introducing small activities that require minimal preparation and grading. The models inside are specifically designed to be used as both one-time experiences to innovate a course session or unit plan as well as a menu of options that can be combined into an entirely new teaching approach.”
Chapters include:
  • Knowledge: Retrieving
  • Knowledge: Predicting
  • Knowledge: Interleaving
  • Understanding: Connecting
  • Understanding: Practicing
  • Understanding: Self-Explaining
  • Inspiration: Motivating
  • Inspiration: Growing
  • Inspiration: Expanding
  • Conclusion: Beginning

Meets select Mondays from 10:15 to 11:45am in UR 241.