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 In the Fall 2023 semester our workshops will take place from 11:30am to 12:20pm either In-Person or Via Zoom. Please keep this page bookmarked, as we update workshop information continuously

All Virtual Workshops will be held in the  CFE Meeting Room. 

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Fall 2023 Workshops

Pre-registration is requested, however walk-ins are welcome. Registration forms close the afternoon prior to the workshop, click workshop title to register. A member of CFE staff will contact you to confirm your registration. All workshops will take place via Zoom unless otherwise noted. 


9/7/2023 Trauma and Toxic Stress in the Classroom
Remote | 11:30am - 12:20pm | Presenter: Reinhild Boehme |  Registration
  • This workshop will familiarize participants with the concepts of trauma and toxic stress in the classroom and the idea of universal interventions. We will explore how trauma, toxic stress, and student behavior and performance may connect and how we can create trauma-informed environments and universities in educational settings. Participants will be able to identify specific action steps they can take to create more trauma-informed classroom environments. 
9/14/2023 | Probationary Reviews for E Dossier 
Remote | 11:30am - 12:20pm | Presenter: Joanne Goodell | Registration  
  • We will review the elements of the eDossier system, and how to navigate the system as a candidate. We will also discuss the how the review process is structured and when to expect feedback on your submission.
9/21/2023 | Edossier for Reviewers 
Remote | 11:30am -12:20pm | Presenter: Joanne Goodell | Registration  
  • This workshop hosted by Dr. Joanne Goodell is open to all faculty who are involved in department, college, or university peer review committees, including committee members, committee chairs, department chairs and deans/associate deans. In this workshop you will learn how to access candidate materials and how to navigate the e-dossier system as a reviewer. An additional session will be scheduled in Spring for committee chairs who are managing external reviews for tenure and promotion cases.
9/26/2023 | Many Paths to Textbook Affordability  
Remote | 11:30am -12:20pm | Presenter: Amanda Goodsett 
  • Have you heard about open educational resources and wondered what they are? Or done some looking into them and found that they didn't meet your class needs -- but you still are interested in affordable course materials? This workshop will explore the many ways to promote textbook affordability in your classes, and how various departments on campus can support you in your efforts.
9/28/2023  |   Starfish 
Remote | 11:30am -12:20pm | Presenter: Gina Cascone | Registration  
  • Review of Raising Tracking Items, Recording Attendance, Completing Progress Surveys, with an interactive demonstration. 


10/3/2023  |    Universal Design for Learning (UDL) 
Remote | 11:30am -12:20pm | Presenter: Leann Krosnik | Registration
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an educational framework based on research in the learning sciences, including cognitive neuroscience, that guides the development of flexible learning environments and learning spaces that can accommodate individual learning differences. In this session, we will look at UDL as it applies to higher education and as a useful tool that can help support all learners.
10/12/2023 | Teaching with OneNote Class Notebook 
Remote | 11:30am -12:20pm | Presenter: Joanne Goodell Registration
  • This workshop will explore various ways faculty use Microsoft OneNote Class notebook to foster group collaboration, help students stay organized with note-taking, journaling and reflective writing, and make it easier for instructors to monitor work sessions and give quick feedback."
10/17/2023 | Grades Journey: Moving grades from Blackboard to Campusnet 
Remote | 11:30am -12:20pm | Presenters: Glenn Curtis & Sam Diomede 
  • Walkthrough presentation for Grade transferring from Blackboard to Campusnet
10/19/2023  |   AI Webinar  
Remote | 11:30am -12:20pm | Presenter: AI group REGISTRATION
  • AI Webinar Discussion
10/24/2023  |   Copyright Q&A - Ask your Copyright Questions! 
Remote | 11:30am -12:20pm | Presenter: Amanda Goodsett 
  • Does thinking about copyright get your blood pressure up? Do you feel a little bit of panic wondering if you really understand how it works or whether you are accidentally violating copyright? Visit this session to learn some copyright basics and ask your questions. Most of the session will be devoted to Q&A time!



11/2/2023  |   CARE 
Remote | 11:30am -12:20pm | Presenter: Mitch Lieberth | Registration
  • The CARE program supports students in crisis and works with faculty to address student concerns that occur inside and outside the classroom. Attendees will learn how to effectively collaborate with CARE to support student success, including learning skills to navigate conversations or situations with students exhibiting signs of crisis, whether academic, health, behavioral, or otherwise. 




eDossier Trainings

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