Student Wellness

Suicide Prevention Education

Vikes Care - Peer EducationPeer Educators are nationally certified through BACCHUS of NASPA. They are trained in referral skills, help seeking skills, communication and responding skills, leadership and intervention strategies.

The “Peer Education for Suicide Prevention Education” module is a specific initiative from the CSU Peer Education Program to address suicide prevention education across campus.  Peers are trained in Mental Health First Aid by recovery Resources. Two branches have emerged that are focused on connecting veterans with “battle buddies” and the LGBTQ+ community with their “friends”.

There goals include: reducing the stigma towards mental illness and suicide, encouraging self help strategies, increasing awareness of group specific resources, and building a safe CSU community.

To connect:

Battle Buddies located in the Veteran Success Program2254 Euclid Avenue, Trinity Commons

Friends of Pride located in Health and Wellness Services, Center for Innovations in Medical Professions, IM 205

Battle Buddies & Friends of Pride

If you are interested in becoming a Suicide Prevention Peer Educator complete the form below . For information on other volunteer opportunities with the Health & Wellness Center, contact Denise Keary, Health and Wellness Coordinator, 216-687-3649

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