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What Is Campus Recreation at CSU?

Fit and Fun for All - Get Involved!

Campus recreation is more than just exercise. CSU Campus Recreation Services is dedicated to providing an inclusive and comprehensive collection of programs and services that promote health, wellness, and leisure. We encourage anyone AND everyone to participate, regardless of skill, ability, age or any other factor. We're proud of what we do and the supportive atmosphere we foster. Get involved - fit and fun for all!!


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New Facility Modifications Taking Effect

As the apex of the holiday season approaches, we want to make you aware of some new facility modifications. As Cleveland State University continues to strategize for the future of the university, the decision has been made to close on Monday, December 26th and Saturday, December 31st to help provide financial support for the university. These dates were identified to have the smallest impact on our facility and patrons as daily attendance has historically been extremely low. We apologize for any inconvenience these new closures may have, but in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, we encourage you to enjoy this time with family and friends. Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

More About Campus Recreation Services

CSU's Campus Rec Center is a 110,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility, including the Busbey Natatorium. Open to CSU students, faculty and staff as well as local community membership gives you access to a wide variety of group fitness classes, the latest exercise equipment and exclusive benefits, including equipment rental and discounted rates on all of our programs and services. And that's only scratching the surface! Join today or stop in for a tour we'd be happy to show you around!!

Adventure Rec at the rec!


Step out of the gym and try something a bit more adventurous!
Climb up here!
Aquatics at the rec!


From lessons and certs to competitive training, we have it all for you!
Swim this way!
Fitness at the rec!


You may break a sweat in our fitness classes and programs, but you'll never be bored with our variety!
Sprint over here!
Sports at the rec!


Shoot, spike, dribble, cue and much more - we have sport teams and clubs for everyone!
Get in the game!
Wellness at the rec!


If fitness is the yang, wellness is the yin. A healthy you is complete with support services such as personal training.
Wellness awaits!
Youth Programs at the rec!


The Rec Center isn't just for fitness - it's also for fun and learning!
The Kids' zone is here!


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