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What Is Campus Recreation at CSU?

Fit for All

Campus recreation is more than just exercise. CSU Campus Recreation Services is dedicated to providing an inclusive and comprehensive collection of programs and services that promote health, wellness, and leisure. We encourage anyone AND everyone to participate, regardless of skill, ability, age or any other factor. We're proud of what we do and the supportive atmosphere we foster. Join the fun - fit for all!!


Class Changes
Total Body Blast on Tues. & Thurs now starts at 6:15am.
H.I.I.T. on Mondays @ 12:15pm is now taught by Angie K.
Tabata on Wednesdays @ 11:15am is now taught by Seamus.
Yoga on Thursdays @ 11:30am is now taught by Melissa V.
Yoga on Saturdays @ 11am is now taught by Sara.

Pool Closings
January 30: Competition pool closes at 4pm for a swim meet
January 31: Both pools close at 11am for a swim meet
February 14: Both pools close at 11am for a swim meet
February 18: Both pools close at 11am for a swim meet
February 19: Both pools close at 11am for a swim meet
February 20: Both pools close at 11am for a swim meet
February 21: Both pools close at 11am for a swim meet

Click here for a full list of closures and cancellations.

Enter Our T-Shirt Design Contest!

CSU Campus Recreation Services is holding first-ever t-shirt design contest! Create a CSU recreation-related graphic design and enter for your chance to win! The winning selection will be featured on a t-shirt that will be on display and for sale in the Rec Center Pro Shop, but the winner will get his/her's for FREE! (Plus a $25 gift card and some other goodies.) Don't delay - entries must be received by January 31st!
Download our contest flyer for all entry details.

More About Campus Recreation Services

CSU's Campus Rec Center is a 110,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility, including the Busbey Natatorium. Open to CSU students, faculty and staff as well as local community membership gives you access to a wide variety of group fitness classes, the latest exercise equipment and exclusive benefits, including equipment rental and discounted rates on all of our programs and services. And that's only scratching the surface! Join today or stop in for a tour we'd be happy to show you around!!

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Step out of the gym and try something a bit more adventurous!
Climb up here!


From lessons and certs to competitive training, we have it all for you!
Swim this way!


You may break a sweat in our fitness classes and programs, but you'll never be bored with our variety!
Sprint over here!


Shoot, spike, dribble, cue and much more - we have sport teams and clubs for everyone!
Get in the game!


If fitness is the yang, wellness is the yin. A healthy you is complete with support services such as personal training.
Wellness awaits!


The Rec Center isn't just for fitness - it's also for fun and learning!
The Kids' zone is here!

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