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What Is Campus Recreation at CSU?

Fit for All

Campus recreation is more than just exercise. CSU Campus Recreation Services is dedicated to providing an inclusive and comprehensive collection of programs and services that promote health, wellness, and leisure. We encourage anyone AND everyone to participate, regardless of skill, ability, age or any other factor. We're proud of what we do and the supportive atmosphere we foster. Join the fun - fit for all!!


Class Cancellations
Yoga on Mondays @ 3pm has been cancelled for the summer.
As of July 13th, the Monday Viking Fit at 5:30 will be cancelled for the remainder of the summer.

Upcoming Pool Closures
July 10: Both pools close at 3:30pm for a swim meet.
July 24: Both pools closed all day for a swim meet.
July 25: Both pools closed all day for a swim meet.
July 26: Both pools closed all day for a swim meet.

Click here for a full list of closures and cancellations.

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Coming This Fall - All Free Group Fitness Classes and More!

You asked and we listened! In addition to all the exciting new programs like Pink Gloves Boxing and Insanity, and facility features in our brand new Fitness & Wellness Suite, ALL of our group fitness classes will be FREE starting August 24th!! Check out the exciting announcement below, and click here to see what else is happening this Fall!

More About Campus Recreation Services

CSU's Campus Rec Center is a 110,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility, including the Busbey Natatorium. Open to CSU students, faculty and staff – as well as local community – membership gives you access to a wide variety of group fitness classes, the latest exercise equipment and exclusive benefits, including equipment rental and discounted rates on all of our programs and services. And that's only scratching the surface! Join today or stop in for a tour – we'd be happy to show you around!!

Adventure Rec at the rec!


Step out of the gym and try something a bit more adventurous!
Climb up here!
Aquatics at the rec!


From lessons and certs to competitive training, we have it all for you!
Swim this way!
Fitness at the rec!


You may break a sweat in our fitness classes and programs, but you'll never be bored with our variety!
Sprint over here!
Sports at the rec!


Shoot, spike, dribble, cue and much more - we have sport teams and clubs for everyone!
Get in the game!
Wellness at the rec!


If fitness is the yang, wellness is the yin. A healthy you is complete with support services such as personal training.
Wellness awaits!
Youth Programs at the rec!


The Rec Center isn't just for fitness - it's also for fun and learning!
The Kids' zone is here!

CSU Recreation Blog

Links to Health 6/18

Get in shape and stay in shape throughout the summer. Moves like our criss cross crunch, dads keep those pounds off, burn calories and hear about fitness rumors debunked by personal trainors.

Spanish Chickpeas

Zucchini and Rice

It’s not often you’ll find a vegan recipe that makes you want to eat it forever, but that’s just what we’ve got here. Mix some chickpeas, tomato, onion, and artichoke hearts with rice and toss some zesty grilled lemon pepper zucchini in for a real treat.

Links to Health 6/16

Choosing a diet and sticking with it has long been assumed to help you lose weight. But that may be wrong, as researchers show that people who choose and stick with one diet often choose the wrong one for them.

Link to Health 6/11

Most research has shown that people do things slower when multitasking. But new research shows that multitasking may actually have the opposite effect while working out, boosting your exercising intensity when performing simple cognitive tasks.

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The great thing about exercise innovation is that it gives us a bunch of different ways to workout the same muscles. See what personal trainers have to say about which exercises to avoid unless you really know what you’re doing..

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