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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

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Mission Statement

The Cleveland State University (CSU) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees all aspects of CSU’s animal care and use programs for teaching and research. The President of CSU has delegated to the Institutional Official the authority to appoint the required members that make-up the IACUC. This committee is composed of: a Chair, a Veterinarian, Research Scientists, Non- Scientists and Community Representatives. The main responsibilities of the committee are to: review all animal use protocols, ensure compliance with federal regulations, perform semi-annual internal inspections of all animal facilities and laboratories where animals are either housed or utilized and, oversee training and educational programs. The IACUC serves as a resource for Faculty, Investigators, Technicians, Students, Staff, and Administrators by providing the appropriate scientific, humane, and ethical guidance for the conduction of all animal use procedures.

Protocol Review Procedure

A new protocol submission is submitted to the IACUC secretary in person or via email. The IACUC secretary sends a receipt of submission to the investigator and the proposed protocol is sent to the consulting veterinarian, Biosafety Committee (IBC) and Environmental Health & Safety Services (EHS) to pre-review. The consulting veterinarian sends his comments to the investigator and cc to the IACUC Secretary. The IBC and Environmental Health & Safety Dept. email approvals or comments to the IACUC secretary, IACUC Secretary will communicate with the investigator regarding the comments from IBC or Environmental Health.  The investigator makes the required corrections/clarifications and sends the revised document back to the IACUC Secretary. Prior to the convened meeting, each IACUC member is provided with a full copy of each protocol and an outline that lists all projects to be reviewed during the convened meeting. Written descriptions of research projects that involve the care and use of animals (which include the veterinarian recommended revisions) are available to all IACUC members at least ten (10) business days prior to a scheduled IACUC meeting. Full committee review (FCR) is required for all proposals submitted to the IACUC.

NOTE: Reviewed applications must be revised within 90 days of the original submission date. Revisions received after 90 days of that date must be submitted to the IACUC as a new proposal with an updated literature search.

Approval of research projects may be granted only after review at a convened meeting of a quorum of the IACUC with the approval vote of a majority of the quorum present. No member may participate in the IACUC review or approval of a research project in which the member has a conflicting interest (e.g., is personally involved in the project), except to provide information requested by the IACUC, nor may a member who has a conflicting interest contribute to the constitution of a quorum. The IACUC shall notify investigators and the institution in writing of its decision to approve, require substantive modifications to (to secure approval), or withhold approval of those activities related to the care and use of animals. Researchers must respond to the IACUC within six weeks after contact regarding a protocol.

Spring 2024 IACUC Meeting Schedule
Date Time Day Location
January 24 12:00 - 2:00 pm Wednesday PH 201
Protocol Review and Submit Date

New protocols are distributed to the IACUC for review as per Cleveland State University’s Animal Welfare Assurance Policy.

NOTE: Reviewed applications must be revised within 90 days of the original submission date. Revisions received after 90 days of that date must be submitted to the IACUC as a new proposal with an updated literature search.

Members of the IACUC
Member Dept Address Phone Fax Email
Dannemiller, Stanley Consulting Veterinarian       Email
Gulshan, Kailash BGES SR 260 2409   Email
Hammonds, Michael Health Sciences IM 118 3574 9316 Email
Howerton, Robert EH&S PS 233 3715 9346 Email
Komar, Anton BGES SR 259 2516 6972 Email
Lammers, Andrew Health Sciences IM 322 3565 9316 Email
Leggett, Julie Non-affiliated member       Email
Mazumder, Barsanjit (Chair) BGES SI 261
SI 269
2435 9298 Email
Sahley, Tony Health Sciences IM 116 6983 6993 Email
Severson, Aaron Biosafety SR 275 4864   Email
Su, Bin Chemistry SR 327 9219   Email
Turchyn, Lyubomyr (Lou) Veterinarian/ARF Manager SR 453 2701   Email
Harman, Kaitlyn
(IACUC Secretary)
SPRS PH 218 3624 9382 Email
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