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Award and Grant Administration

This page contains information related to award acceptance, notification of an award, and other post-award administration topics.

Award Acceptance

What documentation is required to establish a grant account for my funded project?
Two conditions must be met before a grant account will be established, as follows:

  • Condition One: Receipt of valid Award Documentation.
  • Condition Two: Receipt of all Required Documentation.

One item from Column A and all items from Column B are necessary to establish an account:

Column A - Award Documentation Column B - Required Documentation
An Award Letter or Check from Sponsor
Original, Fully-Executed Proposal Transmittal Form
A Fully-Executed Contract from Sponsor
Conflict of Interest Form
A Notice of Grant Award from Sponsor
A Fully-Executed Subcontract with another university
Budget Justification
Fully-Signed IPAF for an Advance Account
Narrative Proposal
IRB/IACUC Approvals (as required)

Award Notification

  • SPRS will send a brief Congratulatory Email notice to the project director when an award is received from the sponsoring agency – private, public, corporate or non-profit.
  • Once the Grant Account Number is assigned, SPRS will send a Notice of Award (NOA) letter to the project director.
    • In the case of Foundation awards, SPRS will send a copy of the NOA to University Advancement.
  • The initial email generally goes out the same day the award letter is received by SPRS. The account number letter could take anywhere from a few days to a few months to go out, depending on what needs to be done before CSU can accept the award (e.g., revised budget, scopes of work, etc.).

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