Sponsored Programs and Research Services

Rebudget Procedure


Rebudgeting refers to the process of transferring budget from one Account Code within a Project ID to another Account Code within the same Project ID (e.g., from supplies to travel).


It is recognized that Principal Investigators (PI) often need to make budget changes to appropriately carry out sponsored program projects and that those changes may deviate from the proposal as approved by the Sponsor. These budgetary changes (a “rebudget”) may require the University to receive prior approval from the Sponsor (external) while some can be made with only University (internal) approval. The level of approval, external or internal, depends upon the type of grant or contract and the Sponsor’s specific policies for that mechanism.

Some Sponsors require that they approve, in advance, budgetary changes past a specific threshold, while minor changes may be approved internally. This threshold does vary by sponsor and the Sponsored Programs and Research Services (SPRS) will determine if a rebudget transaction requires Sponsor approval.

Upon receipt of a completed and signed Internal Prior Approval Form (IPAF), SPRS will review the request and determine if the Sponsor must be contacted. While SPRS must submit this request, it will coordinate the request with the PI who may have to provide additional justification (e.g., explain in terms of the impact on the scientific progress of the Project). Until Sponsor approval is received, the rebudget request will not be processed and spending changes should not occur.

  1. Request
    1. Obtain an Internal Prior Approval Form (IPAF). Select “Rebudget Request” and complete form.
      1. The PI should complete this in conjunction with the College Fiscal Officer.
      2. The “increase” amount must equal the “decrease” amount.
      3. Work from the “available balance” as indicated on a PeopleSoft report.
    2. Justification: Include the intended purpose of rebudgeted funds and address why funds are not needed in the Account Code being reduced. It is important to note if the rebudget will or will not impact the original Scope of Work.
    3. Obtain the required signatures:
      1. Principal Investigator
      2. College Fiscal Officer
    4. Submit to SPRS via fax or email (as a scanned PDF file).
  2. SPRS Review
    1. Verify all necessary signatures have been received
    2. Review adequacy of justification.
    3. Determine whether rebudget requires Sponsor approval by considering:
      1. Sponsor guidelines
      2. Specific award guidelines
      3. Federal guidelines (if Federal)
    4. If Sponsor approval is required, SPRS will make this request with assistance from PI (skip to Step f).
    5. If Sponsor approval is not required, SPRS will make final approval decision
      1. If approved: proceed to #3 below.
      2. If not approved: inform PI. If desired, the PI may submit a new request.
    6. Await reply from Sponsor.
      1. If approved: proceed to #3 below.
      2. If not approved: inform PI. If desired, the PI may submit a new request.
  3. If Approved (via Internal or External approval), SPRS Will
    1. Issue a revised internal Notice of Award (NOA) that reflects the approved rebudget transaction.
    2. Enter the transaction into PeopleSoft.
    3. Disseminate NOA. This will be the official indication that the transaction has been processed.