Meet the Office of Research

This page contains contact information for faculty and staff from the Office of Research, Sponsored Programs and Research Services, and Technology Transfer Office. You can also view our Office of Research Organizational Chart (PDF).

Office of Research

Meredith Bond

Title: Interim Vice President for Research and Innovation
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 203

Roman KondratovRoman Kondratov, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Vice President for Research
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 210
Phone: (216) 687-5171
Assists the Vice President for Research by working with deans, faculty, staff, and students to promote CSU's research and scholarly activities.

Ben WardBenjamin J. Ward, Ph.D.

Title: Director, Research Development & Ethics
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 204
Phone: (216) 687-4536
Provides strategic direction for research growth and capacity across the university and facilitates ethical conduct of research by University researchers.

Joy Yard

Title: Administrative Coordinator
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 202
Phone:  (216) 687-9364
Provides support for the Office of Research.

Sponsored Programs and Research Services

Teri KocevarTeri Kocevar, MAFIS, CRA

Title: Director, Sponsored Programs
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 218
Phone: (216) 687-3675
Contact Teri for contract and subcontract preparation and review, policy interpretation, and for assistance with larger, inter-disciplinary proposals.  

Leah FoucaultLeah Foucault

Title: Assistant Director - Post Award
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 217
Phone: (216) 687-4844

Barbara Miller

Title: Senior Accountant
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 217
Phone: (216) 687-9341

Nicole Milligan

Title: Senior Accountant
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 217
Phone: (216) 687-9273

Mala Saha

Title: Accountant
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 217
Phone: (216) 687-3696

Lyubomyr (Lou) Turchyn, DVM

Title: Animal Research Facility Manager
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, 2nd Floor
Phone: (216) 687-2071
Contact Lou if you plan to purchase or use animals as part of your research.

Amy Deptowicz

Title: Manager, Pre-Awards
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 220
Phone: (216) 687-3607
Handles subcontract preparation and grants management policy interpretation.

Bernidean Strong

Title: Program Manager, Pre-Award
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 215
Phone: (216) 802-3375
Contact Bernidean for budget assistance and issues regarding account set-up (sponsor and cost-share), budget revisions, cost allowability, and no-cost extensions.

Mary Jane Karpinski

Title: Administrative Assistant
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 218
Phone: (216) 687-3624

Technology Transfer Office

Jack KraszewskiJack Kraszewski, Esq.

Title: Director, Technology Transfer
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 214
Phone:  (216) 687-5108
Contact Jack if you are a University faculty, staff or student who wishes to protect University intellectual property through patents, copyright, or trademark, or if you are a company interested in licensing University intellectual property.

IOT Staff

Shilpa KedarShilpa Kedar

Title: Executive Director, Digital and IoT innovations
         Executive Director, CSU T.E.C.H. Hub
         Co-Executive Director, IoT Collaborative
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 311
Phone:  (216) 687-9310
Contact Shilpa if you are interested in partnering on research, education, and community impact through technology-based innovation.

IT Support

Chris PokornyChristopher Pokorny, MCIS

Title: Manager, IT Services
Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 303
Phone:  (216) 687-9360
Contact Chris if you are a faculty or staff member from one of the divisions of the Office of Research in need of IT-assistance, application support, or changes made to a website.