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E. coli research and the NIH Guidelines

Research using E. coli laboratory strains that ARE NOT derived from K-12 (e.g., BL21 & Rosetta) requires IBC review. Most research utilizing E. coli laboratory strains that ARE derived from K-12 is exempt from IBC review under the NIH Guidelines. Some research with K-12 may still require IBC review. Non-exempt experiments include, but are not limited to, those involving large volumes of culture (>10 liters) or cloning genes from pathogens or genes involved in synthesis of toxins (see NIH Guidelines section C-II-A). It is the responsibility of the PI to determine whether their experiments with K-12 require review.

E. coli strains derived from K-12; Usually RG1, Exempt (NIH Guidelines III-F-8, Appendix C-II)

5K JC9387 SURE
58 JM101 TB1
58-161 JM109 TG1
AB284 JM83 TOP10
AB311 KP7600 W1485
AG1 LE392 W1485
C600 M15 W208
Cavalli Hfr MB408 W3110
DH1 MG1655 W3110
Dh5-alpha Novablue W945
DP50 P678 WA704
EMG2 PA 309 WA704
EPI100-T1R REG-12 WG1
H1443 S17-1 XL1-Blue
HB101 SCS-110 XL10-Gold
Hfr 3000 X74 SM10 XLOLR
Hfr3000 STBL2 Y10
HMS 174 STBL3 YN2980

E. coli strains NOT derived from K-12; Usually RG1, NOT Exempt (NIH Guidelines III-E)

25922 C Nissile 1917
B C41 REG-811
B-3 C43 Rosetta
B/R  FDA strain Seattle 1946 TOPP
BL21 K5808 W
BL23 Mach1  

Pathogenic E. coli strains; ≥RG2, NOT Exempt (NIH Guidelines III-D)

E. coli, all strains bearing K1 antigen
E. coli enteroaggregative strain (EAEC)
E. coli enterohaemorrhagic strain (EHEC)
E. coli enteroinvasive strain (EIEC)
E. coli enteropathogenic strain (EPEC)
E. coli enterotoxigenic strain (ETEC)
E. coli Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (O157:H7)