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Planner is an App that enables individuals and teams to become better organized.  Numerous plans can be created and managed individually, with each one having its own members, due dates, categories and conversations.  Keep in touch using planner, as team members can receive email notifications whenever new assignments are created or information added to a conversation.  You can also add and share documents, while at the same time, control who has access to these items.  

Have numerous projects occurring at once, with Planner you can easily prioritize these projects.  Assign dates to an items along with assigning it to an individual.  Planner provides you with views to keep your work on track. The Hub view lets you track overall progress across all plans, while the “My tasks” view lets you filter down to see just what you need to do across every plan.

In addition to the above, there is a “Charts” view which includes interactive charts for monitoring individual’s progress against deadlines. Click a red segment on the histogram to quickly see which aspects of a plan are behind schedule and use the Board to balance work across the team. With Planner, everyone is always on the same page.

Listed below is information that will assist you with getting started with using planner.  The following link will redirect you to pages supported and managed by Microsoft.

Video Training Getting Started
Create a plan Add tasks
Assign Dates Sort tasks into buckets
Add people Assign tasks to people