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What is Delve? 

Delve permits you to locate and track information that is of some relevance to you.  Not only will it track information that is stored within your account, but will also track, and locate, information across the Office 365 system.  You no longer have to remember the title of a document, where it is stored, nor whose account it was saved on.  It does not matter if the document is saved on OneDrive or within a SharePoint site.  

Delve also permits you to view a colleague's profiles, or manage your own.  Your profile is like an electronic business card that is shared within your organization.  You can use the profile to provide information concerning your interests, responsibilities and any project that you may be involved with at the time.  This information can then be viewed by others within out organization, enabling them to locate individuals with similar responsibilities or who may have access to information that is wanted, or needed, by the other individual.

Delve never alters the security settings that are associated with any given document, an individual may only access a document to which they have been granted access.  Delve never changes any permissions, documents that are marked as private, or do not list a specific individual, cannot be accessed or viewed.  Learn more about privacy within Delve.

When you and your colleagues view, edit and share documents, Delve learns from how you work and tailors the information to each person on their home page.  The information that you see in Delve will be different from what you colleagues will have listed.

For additional information, along with an overview of the various sections of the Delve page, visit the Microsoft site concerning what is Delve.

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