Housing: Temporary, Off Campus, On Campus

One of the most important issues to address after students are admitted to CSU is where they are going to live.  Housing depends on a student’s financial situation, desired commute time, the environment they want to live in, and the amenities they seek.  Choosing the right housing option contributes significantly to well-being and educational success.  Below are some links for informational purposes only; these are not intended to be and should not to be considered as recommendations or endorsements of any kind. 

Temporary Housing:
Short-Term Rentals

On-Campus Housing:

Students who choose to live in one of CSU's on-campus residence halls the Edge on Euclid,  Fenn Tower, Euclid Commons, or the Langston engage in their studies, meet new friends and immerse themselves in fun while living in an all-CSU environment. Students who are interested in living in the residence halls must apply as early as possible and cannot move in without a signed contract. Meal plan purchases are required for all on-campus residents.

Click here to learn more about living on campus. 

Off-Campus Housing (Close to Campus)*

Students who would rather not live in an on-campus residence hall but still want to enjoy the convenience of living in an exciting downtown, close to campus, can choose from modern to historic. There are numerous apartment complexes that can be found in the city and surrounding neighborhoods.*

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Click here to learn about The Lumen Playhouse Square

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Click here to learn more about Tower Press

Click here to learn more about Huron Square and The Osborn Apartments

Click here to learn more about Walker & Weeks

Click here to learn more about The Statler 

Click Here to visit the Campus District's housing website

*This list consists of information provided by private operators of residential housing facilities and is provided strictly as a convenience to users. None of the listed properties is owned or operated by Cleveland State University. The University has not reviewed the information for accuracy, nor does inclusion of information on this list constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the University of the property.

Important Terms: 

A legally binding document that usually covers a one-year period. It is VERY important to read your lease. Sign it only if you agree with the listed conditions. 


Housing fees that are usually due on the first day of the month. A penalty may be charged if rent is late.

Renter's Insurance: 

Insurance that covers all of your personal belongings in the event of fire or theft. The landlord's insurance does not cover such charges. 

Security Deposit: 

Pre-payment of funds to cover possible damages that might occur while living in an apartment. If you leave the apartment in good condition this money will be refunded to you. 


Electricity, gas, and water are a common example of utilities. It will be stated in the lease what utilities you, the tenant is responsible for paying. It will be up to you in most cases to call the utility companies to arrange for services. 


Person responsible for maintaining the building and making repairs within a reasonable period of time.