Disability Services

Participating in Public Events with ASL, CART, or Closed Captioning

People from the community who are participating in events hosted by or at CSU may request ASL, CART, or Closed captioning to facilitate their participation in the event by contacting the event sponsor. The event sponsor is the responsible party or their delegate that will coordinate the accommodation request.  The event sponsor then contacts the Office of Disability Services with the relevant information to schedule the service. Students who are enrolled at Cleveland State should register with Disability Services and then follow the student procedures.

The timeframe we need for fulfilling public requests for these services is:

  • 5 business days before the event for ASL and CART
  • 10 business days for Closed Captioning

Not every event located on the Cleveland State Campus is hosted or coordinated by Cleveland State University. Connecting with the event sponsor will make sure the appropriate person is contacted for responding to your request. Cleveland State does rent out halls, ballrooms, and meeting spaces that are hosted by external organizations. For those events the host for the event would be responsible for fulfilling your request. To contact the sponsor or contact for an event please look at the event literature. Contacts should be listed for inquires related to any event. You can also consult Cleveland State's Conference Services to find the event sponsor or contact for events that have requested to use Cleveland State facilities.