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New Services for Students

IS&T Student Services

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact the IST help desk X5050.

Computer Labs

Over 200 large, 22-inch screen computer monitors have been ordered to replace the small screens for all lab computers.  The new larger monitors will replace the small screens of all lab computers.  These monitors will be much easier to use, both for academic and recreational applications.  They are being replaced as quickly as they are received from the manufacturer, and all the small screens will be gone before the end of this semester. 

Free Computer Assistance Service

For Student owned PCs, MACS and Laptop Computers.  Services provided: System and disk cleanup, Anti-spyware, Anti-virus software, Software install and Advice for self-help virus removal. 

Students must present a valid CSU ID before service can be provided.  Due to warranty and liability restrictions, we cannot perform physical repairs or hardware installation/replacement to any PC, Mac, or Laptop.

VISIT US: Rhodes Tower 1106, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

SAS and/or SPSS Statistical Software

CSU has licensed 1000 copies of SAS and 100 network copies of SPSS for academic use on campus only.

Fenn Hall Computer Lab Moving!

IS&T's General Computer Lab in Fenn Hall 128 is being converted to support the CIS Programs and will not be available as of August 7, 2015.

The BAD news: Students will no longer have the fifty PCs of the FH-128 computer lab available for their use at the end of Summer Semester, August 7th.

The GOOD news: The Library Learning Commons (LLC) on the first floor of the Michael Schwartz Library in Rhodes Tower will be expanded by those fifty PCs and two printers at the end of Christmas break, 2015. This will be a welcome expansion because the hundred PCs in the LLC are often all in use, frustrating students who come to the Library expecting to use a computer. The project to relocate the Fenn Hall lab PCs to the Library is under way. It will require participation of the School’s electricians and network specialists, desktop technicians, an outside furniture vendor, and coordination by the Library and IS&T teams. As part of this relocation, the supervisor of all IS&T general computer labs will also be moving from Fenn Hall to the southwest corner of the newly expanded LLC. The wide-capacity plotter currently in the Fenn Hall lab will be relocated to the lab in Urban-39.

Mobile Campus Satellite!

Beginning with the Fall Semester, August 24th, the Michael Schwartz Library and the IS&T Mobile Campus laptop loan program are collaborating to make laptop and scientific calculators available to borrow from the Library in addition to the current Mobile Campus location. For now iPads will continue to be loaned from the Student Center location, but not from the Library unless the number of request justify purchasing additional iPads.  The same rules will apply at both locations.

VISIT US: Rhodes Tower 1106, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

Speech-enabled Directory Service

Forgot the phone number? CSU is closed? Not a problem!
Speech-enabled directory service is now available through the CSU telephone system, benefiting hands-free callers and assisting with call processing after regular business hours.
Callers reaching the CSU main number, 687-2000, will be prompted to enter or speak their choice for assistance.

1  Prompts the caller to say a department name to be reached.

2   Prompts the caller to say a person’s name, or press # to reach a dial-by-name directory.

3   Plays a status announcement for University closing due to inclement weather or other situation.

If the system does not recognize the entry, or the caller waits for assistance, a University Operator will answer the call and provide assistance during regular business hours. After hours, callers use the dial by name directory. The self-service speech recognition menus and dial-by-name directory are available 24 hours per day.