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Xerox Work Center 7835CSU has launched a Campus Wide Energy Conservation and Management Program as part of our commitment to a sustainable campus community. Managed Print Services (MPS) is a crucial part of this initiative. By lessening printing consumables, the program:

  • Reduces energy consumption, emission levels and solid waste
  • Achieves NE Ohio Collaboration and Innovation Commission recommendation to centralize the print management function
  • Fulfills Governor Strickland's Executive Order 2007-02S which establishes a strategic vision for State of Ohio supported institutions and agencies to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and adopt advanced energy utilization technologies. 


MPS Program Operation

The MPS program is a partnership with CSU and Xerox. 

Xerox provides:
  • The printers and multi-function devices at no cost to CSU. 
  • A maintenance contract for all machines in the program
  • An on-site (8-5, M-F) service technician
  • Access to offsite service specialists
  • An account management team that meets monthly with CSU
CSU is responsible for:
  • The purchase of paper and special forms
  • Staples
  • The payment of click charges for direct use of the printer


The MACD process (Move, Add, Change, Dispose) is provided to ensure that the program can grow and change as CSU does the same.  Through the MACD process, CSU may request a different printer or additional printers and Xerox will analyze the stated needs of CSU to determine the best fit for printers to accomplish the business tasks of the University.

Teaching faculty were excluded from this program, however, there are many studies done to show how much more expensive desktop printing is compared to a Managed Print Services Program such as CSU’s program.

All other staff are expected to use the network attached printers and Multi-function devices located throughout the campus. 

There are three exemptions granted to CSU that allows desktop printers to be purchased and they are:

  • The need for special forms other than Legal and labels
  • Staff who are located more than 100 feet from a MPS printer
  • Disability accommodations

The MPS program has proven over the years to save CSU considerable money in the way of:

  • Energy savings
  • Recycling improvements
  • Duplex printing as a default consuming less paper
  • Elimination of printer purchase costs
  • Elimination of the purchase of toner



Xerox Training Videos and User Guides

We have links to Xerox support pages for most of the units used in the MPS. If you don't see your particular model listed, you can probably find videos or guides for a model that is similar. Find your model.


Do you need Xerox device assistance?

  • Don’t waste time:  Call the IS&T Help Desk at 216-687-5050, option #1.  This will connect you to the Xerox Help Desk where your call can be recorded and a technician dispatched.
  • Go to the Training and Support pages for manuals, videos, and other instructional materials
  • Need to move, add, change or dispose of a Xerox device?  Point your browser to, click Xerox and fill out the online form.  This will be sent to Xerox for completion.
  • Need to relocate your Xerox printer? Please follow this link:
  • Have general questions? Call the IS&T Help Desk at x5050 or

Why Call Xerox?

Every call is recorded by the Xerox Help Desk and categorized by the type of problem.  These problems are reviewed monthly by the Xerox and CSU Account Team where they look for excessive calls, repeat problems and poor performing printers.  If you avoid making this call, the reports that are analyzed may not be accurate and we may miss a poorly functioning machine because you choose not to place a call.

It is important to the efficient operation of our printer fleet that all calls for service be placed via X5050 Option 1 to reach the Xerox Help Desk. 


Responsibilities of Xerox On-Site Technician and Key Operators.

Note:  These roles were clearly defined in the original Xerox/CSU Contract signed in 2010 and the subsequent Statement of Work, also signed by CSU. 

These responsibilities have not changed since the original creation of these documents.


On-Site support personnel, an onsite (8-5 M-F) technician capable of basic support

Service Technician:  A person dispatched by Xerox for major machine repairs 

Key Operator:  A CSU Employee who has been trained and is responsible for onsite management of one or several printers

Xerox Responsibilities:

  • Understand common machine fault codes and correct them
  • Diagnose and correct common image quality problems
  • Replace major components in the printer engine, fusing subsystem, and paper handling areas of MFD’s copiers and printers.
  • Maintain an MFD, copier, or printer service call log for all machines covered by this SOW
  • Promote service technician call avoidance, by demonstrating and providing self-help, how-to information, troubleshooting guidelines and other technical resources to resolve problems locally
  • Initiate web based service calls to Xerox service engineer.
  • Clean equipment and distribute supply items to equipment locations supported under this SOW
  • Upon completion of a service request, Customer is informed of the resolution to the problems
  • Provide additional training for faculty and staff
  • Manage inventory of emergency consumables
  • Provide maintenance on supported devices including warranty and non-warranty parts and labor
  • Determine when and if a device is to be repaired, replaced or eliminated and communicate the changes to the customer


Responsibilities of CSU Key Operators:

  • Perform on-site problem resolution with assistance from the Customer Services Help Desk when appropriate
  • Provide end user contact information for remote problem determination and resolution efforts
  • Replace device cartridges and components designated as end user replaceable by the OEM
  • Clear non-repetitive paper jams, install consumables, and provide paper replenishment
  • Provide a single point of contact to work with Xerox
  • Provide customer internal escalation procedures to be used by Xerox
  • Provide accessibility to each site

Note:  Customer is responsible for paying for and purchasing supplies which include paper and staples.

MACD Process for Growth and Change

Our University is constantly changing and Xerox has a process in place to grow and change with the University called the MACD process.  (Move, Add, Change, Dispose).  Through this process you can request to add a new printer, change an existing printer, move a printer to a new location, or ask that your printer be disposed or removed from your office. 

If you are in need of any of these processes, visit and using the self-service portal, select the Xerox link.  There you will be able to describe your needs in detail so that Xerox can analyze your needs and process your request in a timely fashion. 

Depending on the service you require, Move, Add, Change or Dispose/Delete, you will be contacted by Xerox to discuss your needs.

To Add a new printer could take up to 24 business days.

To Change a printer could take up to 5 business days

To Dispose of a printer could take 14 business days

To Move a printer could take 14 business days  (May incur a cost to the department)

Please do not move printers no matter the size without visiting and selecting the Xerox link on the left hand side.  Here you can request a printer move.  Environmental Health and Safety frowns on employees moving equipment and all printers have a static IP address and when you move the printer, it may require an update to the IP address, which IS&T has to do. 

Moving printers without the involvement of IS&T and/or Xerox will cause an outage for your printer. 

Because some choices, like moving a printer may incur a cost, your supervisor will receive an email from the IS&T Help Desk to approve or deny your request simply by replying to the email.

New printers may take as long as 2-4 weeks to arrive so please plan accordingly.

There is no charge for a printer, the University and Department are only responsible for click charges and supplies (paper and staples).


Recycle Resource Information Page   recycle image


Xerox maintains a Xerox Green World Alliance page that contains great information on recycling as well as information on their entire Green initiatives.  To view this information hold down CTRL and click on the following text:  Xerox Green Alliance   


Here you will find

  • The official "Take Back List"
  • How to manage cartridges responsibly
  • Three different methods to recycle
  • More, if you care to read


Returning New/Unused Cartridges


You might have toner cartridges from an older printer that is no longer used in your area.  Recycling these cartridges is very easy.  You can contact the Transportation Department, Moving and Recycling area in PS 301G.  You may request when they are in your area, they stop by and pick up your toner cartridges. 

They will prepare an Eco Box if the cartridges are being returned to Xerox or if not, they will drop the toner off at a local recycling company. 


Recycle Xerox toner used/damaged and waste containers


There are several ways to return used toner and waste containers to Xerox for proper recycling in an environmentally friendly method

Moving and Recycling Area

You can contact the Moving and Recycling area in PS 301G.  You may request when they are in your area, they stop by and pick up your toner cartridges. 

They will prepare an Eco Box if the cartridges are being returned to Xerox or if not they will drop the toner off at a local recycler. 


Use Your Own Box for Shipping 5 Items to Xerox


Overview: Return 5 or more items at once and you'll save time and help reduce carbon emissions from shipping.

When you replace your spent consumable, save the box the new consumable comes in. Place your spent consumable inside the box. Wait until you have at least 5 items to return. Then place all returning items into a larger box (Xerox calls the Eco Boxes).

Add a label (supplied by Xerox) and ship them off to Xerox via UPS.

Step 1: Prepare items for shipping

  • The maximum box dimensions are 23" x 23" x 18".
  • The maximum weight is 25 lbs.
  • There is a minimum of 5 items for recycling per box.
  • Items should be sealed in a plastic bag (such as a trash bag) to contain toner dust in shipping.
  • Remove any prior shipping or address labels from the box.
  • Box should be taped securely closed.

Step 2: Order UPS shipping labels

Click to request labels

  • Three shipping labels will be mailed to your address.

Step 3: Return items for recycling

Ship box(s) via UPS using one of these methods:

  • Hand the return to the UPS driver when they deliver your next supplies order.
  • Returns can be dropped off at any UPS location or UPS Store.
  • A pick up can be scheduled by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877) or online at Indicate to UPS that this is a "Pre-paid return shipment."


Order Xerox Eco Boxes


If you do not have your own box to ship the 5 returnable items back to Xerox, you can order Xerox-branded Eco Boxes.

Using the Xerox Eco box

Simiar to the above except you will obtain the Xerox-branded EcoBox from Xerox. This is not mandatory.

  1. Visit – Xerox Green World Alliance page
    1. To order a free kit of 3 Eco Boxes, click "order boxes" and add the kit to your shopping cart. Each Eco Box can hold 5-30 used items.
    2. Provide your shipping information and submit your order.
    3. Eco Box orders cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box. Please be sure to provide a valid shipping address to avoid cancellation of your order. See the FAQs to learn how to track your Eco Box Order.
  2. Pack – when the Eco boxes arrive, pack at least 5 returnable items into the box. Prepare the items as indicated above.
  3. Ship – For your convenience, your Eco Box comes with a pre-paid return label applied to the box. You have 3 options for returning your Eco Box for recycling:
    1. Hand the return to the UPS driver when they deliver your next supplies order.
    2. Returns can be dropped off at any UPS location or UPS Store.
    3. A pick up can be scheduled by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877) or online at Indicate to UPS that this is a "Pre-paid return shipment."


Return a single item for recycling


This is not the preferred method but is fairly straight forward. Please note: not every item is returnable as a single item.

  1. Visit – Xerox Green World Alliance page
  2. Click on the Single Items Return tab
  3. Read the instructions concerning entering the part number and do so.
  4. Follow the instructions to enter label information

More Information


Xerox has provided a website for the Xerox Green World Alliance program. Visit it for other return methods and more information.



Getting Supplies for my Printer

Xerox and IS&T have been working with users who have had difficulty getting their supplies from Xerox.  This not only causes frustration, but more calls to the Xerox Help Desk, and printer down time.  We all want to avoid this situation.

All printers and Multi-Function Devices in the Xerox fleet automatically order all parts when needed.

However, if a printer (or human) call to order a toner cartridge, Xerox first checks its inventory database and if the database shows you have that toner on hand, they will not ship another to you.  This is a disconnect between the Xerox database and the reality of what our users have on the shelf.

If you are having either or both of these problems, to correct these issues, please fill out the attached form and return this to the IS&T Help Desk at help.desk@csuohio.eduFile inventory form.docx

Please list your name, phone, and email address.  Also the exact mailing address of your building, not the main address of 2121 Euclid. 

Please enter the serial number of the printer and list all supplies you currently have on hand.

For the supplies, list the type of supply, cartridge, maintenance kit, fuser, etc, the reorder number (found on the box), and the quantity on hand.

Attach this form to an email sent to …..and put in the subject line: Xerox Inventory.

Email Sample


Subject:  Xerox Inventory

Attach form.


Xerox will update their database with your current information and inventory levels and this will hopefully cure both problems. 

Failure to provide this information may mean a continuation of your problems getting supplies in a timely fashion. 

Please to avoid delays in processing, please send this form only to the IS&T Help Desk.



Supplies    toner image

All consumable and maintenance supplies are ordered automatically by the printers through the Xerox Help Desk.  Toner is ordered when it reaches the 20% remaining level.

There is no need to order supplies unless a special situation exists.  If you are not receiving your supplies in time, click HERE and follow the instructions in this section. 

Since the Xerox Help Desk maintains a supply inventory, it is important to refrain from both borrowing and lending supplies to other CSU Staff.  This may cause disruptions in the timely delivery of your supplies. 

Waste Toner Containers

Waste containers collect the excess toner not used on the printed surfaces.  If a waste container gets full, the printer will shut down.  This should never happen and with your cooperation working with me and Xerox, we can prevent this problem from occurring.

It is possible that people have trouble ordering supplies because the Xerox inventory is out of sync with the physical inventory in everyone’s store room. 

This may be due to sharing, borrowing, or system failures.  No matter what the cause, we need to establish the proper inventory levels.

Each and every printer was delivered with an empty container installed and a spare for storage.  The process would be the following:

  • Waste container gives full warning
  • Replace the waste container with a new empty container
  • Printer automatically orders a new waste container for storage
  • Store the new empty container somewhere to be used the next time the container is full

Do not share supplies of any kind including waste containers or toner.

If you are a Key Operator, here is what you need to do for every printer you manage: 

  • Verify that you have a spare waste container for each printer
  • If not, click HERE to review this section of this website for instructions to sync your inventory