Prom Note - Identity Validation Process

In order to receive your Perkins award, a Master Promissory Note must be signed.  An electronic prom note can be signed with ECSI.  You will be asked to enter your first and last name, your date of birth and your social security number. 

  • If your information can be validated, you can continue with the standard Promissory Note and/or Disclosure review and electronic signature process. 
  • If your identity can not be electronically validated, you will be required to print, complete and return the signed paper Promissory Note and/or Disclosure package directly to Cleveland State.

This is a new process required by the Department of Education and we understand that you may have some questions.  Please read the following FAQs to help clarify the new Identity Validation Process.

I entered my first name, last name, date of birth and SSN and ECSI is not allowing me to complete the electronic signature process.  Am I doing something wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong.  ECSI uses a third party service (LexisNexis) to validate your identity.  Most likely, you may not have an adequate transaction history that allows for validation that each of the four pieces of information you provided match the validation sources

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I signed my Promissory Note electronically last year.  Why can’t I sign electronically again this year?

The Department of Education made changes to the way that students log in to several of their systems.  They will no longer be issuing a FAFSA PIN.  Due to this change, ECSI is no longer able to validate your identity using your FAFSA PIN.  A third party service must now be used to complete the validation process.

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What company is being used to validate my identity?  Is it secure?

LexisNexis ® has been selected by ECSI as their third party validation provider.  LexisNexis is a leading global provider of information solutions.  They have systems security intended to ensure the availability, confidentiality and integrity of data.  They have multi-layered systems for IT, IS, and physical security.  They use industry-standard access control software and methods that include vulnerability analysis, rigorous intrusion detection systems and regular penetration testing.  LexisNexis information and system security professionals continuously refine these processes as threats evolve.  To learn more, visit http://www.lexusnexus.com/privacy/for-consumers.

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The system informed me that I have to print and sign the Prom Note because it could not validate my identity.  Can I retry the validation process?

You are permitted three attempts to authenticate your identity.  After the third failed attempt, a student will not be able to submit their information for authentication.  You will be directed to the failed authentication process which includes completion of the Entrance Counseling portion of the process online, which includes the rights and responsibilities and reference form.  However, when you get to the promissory note portion of the process, you will be prompted to print and sign the paper promissory note document.

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What do I do with my paper prom note?

Your signed Perkins Promissory Note should be delivered to Campus 411 (located in the Main Classroom Building, room 116).  Please bring a current picture ID (state ID, driver’s license, CSU ID).  We will record your information on your original document as well as validating your name and birth date.  Your paper signed prom note will be electronically imaged; the original will be maintained in a secured, locked, fireproof storage area by the Bursar's Office.

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When will my Perkins Loan funds be disbursed to my student account?

Once your signed, verified, paper prom note has been received by the Perkins Loan Office, we will notify the Financial Aid Office and your Perkins Loan funds will be disbursed with the next scheduled batch disbursement, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday.

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